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Story Notes:
I have done this as a round robin in case anyone wants to write other episodes in this style, it can be quite fun to do ! Otherwise this is short, silly and complete as far as I am concerned :-)

It's not quite correct as a reading book, as some of the words are too long, but you get the idea !
It could be quite fun for people to do as then readers can work out what episode from CS history you are covering.
Characters owned by original authors, no money is made.
Look Len Look. Here is Con. Len and Con are sisters. They like being sisters.

Len and Con are at School. They like School. School is fun.

Look Len Look, There is a Sale. Len likes the sale. Con likes the Sale. Len and Con like the sale.

Len and Con run the lucky dip. They like the lucky dip.

Len and Con wrap the gifts. The gifts are wrapped in cotton wool. They like wrapping the gifts.

Look Con Look. The sale has started. People pick up the gifts. One gift, Two Gifts, Three Gifts. Lots of people like the gifts.

The Sale is good. Len and Con like the Sale. The Sale is over now. It has been a good sale.

Everybody tidies up. Len tidies up, Con tidies up. Everybody tidies up.

Look Len Look. Here is Aunt Grizel. Aunt Grizel is here. Aunt Grizel has a letter.

Aunt Grizel doesn't like the letter. The letter is bad. Aunt Grizel is upset. Poor Aunt Grizel.

Look Len Look. Here is the cotton wool. The cotton wool is here. We need to tidy up, say Len. Len takes the cotton wool to Aunt Grizel.

Aunt Grizel is upset. Aunt Grizel is a bit naughty. Aunt Grizel wants to smoke.

Look Aunt Grizel, Len is here. She has cotton wool.

Aunt Grizel is upset. Aunt Grizel doesn't care that Len is here. Aunt Grizel lights a match. Aunt Grizel is a smoker. Naughty Aunt Grizel.

Oh no Len! Aunt Grizel lit a match. Cotton wool and a match is A Bad Thing. The match is lit. The cotton wool is cotton wool. Oh dear!

Fire, Fire Fire! Len is hurt. The fire hurt Len. Aunt Grizel saves Len. Aunt Grizel is hurt.

Len is hurt. Len's mummy comes in. Len's mummy is upset. Aunt Grizel is upset.

Len's mummy knows Aunt Grizel is upset. Len's mummy is angry with Aunt Grizel.

Len is hurt. Matey helps Len. Len is fine. Len's mummy is glad Len is fine.

Look Mummy, said Len, I am fine. Aunt Grizel is sad Mummy. Can you help Aunt Grizel?

Look Aunt Grizel, Look. Here is Len's mummy. Will Len's mummy be angry? No, she is not angry now.

Len's mummy is friends with Aunt Grizel. Aunt Grizel is glad. Len's mummy is glad. She doesn't like being angry.

Look Len Look. Aunt Grizel and Mummy are friends.

Aunt Grizel is going away. Aunt Grizel is going to New Zealand with a special friend. Aunt Grizel is happy. Aunt Grizel's special friend is happy.

Everyone is happy. This is a good thing. Matches are a bad thing. Aunt Grizel won't play with matches any more, said Len.

Yes, said Aunt Grizel.

Matches are A Bad Thing.

The End.

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