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In an effort to ignore Joey Maynard’s calls, Gwensi decided to do something she had never done before – to explore the rest of the tunnel, past her usual hiding place.  Even then, the chances are she would have turned back before long, for exploring on one’s own is not much fun, had the sound of voices not reached her ears.  Curious, for she did not recognise the voices, which were certainly not Welsh, she carried on, intent on discovering the owners of the voices.  That she could be putting herself in all sorts of danger never crossed her mind and she felt no fear as she stumbled on along the tunnel, finding her way more by good luck than good management, for she had no torch with her.  As she came to a crossroads and peeped round in the direction of the voices, her eyes widened.


“Well really Pooh Bear!  Do you even know where we are?” Rabbit exclaimed crossly.


“We’re in a tunnel of course, Rabbit!” Roo exclaimed, jumping up and down.


“A tunnel!  A tunnel!” Rabbit almost shrieked.  “Of course we’re in a tunnel!  But which tunnel?  And where?”


“Think, think, think,” Pooh Bear tapped his forehead with his paw.  ”I think,” he announced at last, “that we are lost!”


“Humph!  This is what happens when Pooh Bears are in charge!” Rabbit muttered.


"I’m afraid you’re right, Rabbit,” Pooh agreed humbly. 


 “Always knew we’d get lost,” Eeyore observed gloomily.


 “Oh d-dear!  What shall we do now?” Piglet stuttered.


“Do?!” Rabbit repeated.  “Why, my dear Piglet, it is quite simple!  We shall follow this tunnel until we reach the end and I shall take charge this time!  We shan’t go wrong if I am in charge!”


“Wouldn’t be too sure about that one,” Eeyore muttered, more to himself than anyone else.  Fortunately, Rabbit was too busy organising everyone into a line to hear, although it is doubtful if he would have taken any notice even if he had heard.


Gwensi, watching wide-eyed from where she had hidden herself, couldn’t contain herself any longer and more or less launched herself among them.


 “I can show you where you need to go!” she exclaimed eagerly.

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