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The naughty Middle trembled as she knocked on the door to Miss Annersley's study. Here she would have the interview that would transform her entire life...


"Ah, come in," said Hilda Annersley. "Right, Amy, lets get to business,"


Amy sat down on the chair offered.


"Well, what have you done?" asked Miss Annersley.


"I had a race with Anne on a trip and Anne fell into the lake," said Amy.


"That's not very bad," Miss Annersley commented.


"So why have I been requested an interview with you?" asked Amy.


"Well, my staff have ideas that having a race on a trip when you're with girls a couple of years older than yourself is awful," said Miss Annersley. "But it really is only natural behaviour. Margot Maynard did the same several years back,"


"What, Margot Maynard was a pupil here?" said Amy. "The stage performer?"


"Yes," said Miss Annersley. "She was quite the rebel. Now, I have to make sure you behave for at least the rest of the term,"


"I promise that I will behave for the rest of the term," said Amy.


"This isn't enough. Your mobile, if you please,"


"I thought you'd never heard of mobile phones," said Amy, handing it to her.


"Oh, the whole Platz is in a time-warp. Mrs Maynard is the only person here who actually thinks it's still the 1950s,"


"Yes, Miss Annersley," said Amy.


"You may leave, oh, but don't tell anyone of this interview,"


"Yes Miss Annersley," said Amy, performing the customary curtsey before leaving.

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