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Story Notes:
Posted on the CBB in 2005
I sat on the road in the sun, watching the troop of girls in their brown and flame uniforms going on their ramble. Then I tagged on the end, becoming part of the group, hoping that no one would notice that I was an outsider.

I was wearing the regulation uniform, and looked vaguely like one of the other girls so I might just get away with it. The ramble was a long way from the school, and though I looked young I was quite a bit older than I appeared, so when they came into view, one of them looking rather tired, I was able to slip in next to her and give her a hand along.

Her partner Vi took me to be one of the older girls, and relatively new at that since she did not know me. I chatted to them both quite happily. Then it happened. The girl I was helping slipped, and I pulled her up on my back to help her get along. She must have been very tired indeed for the next thing I knew she fell asleep.

I carried her the rest of the way to the school, and even got into the building where I was allowed to sit with her, though Vi told me it was very unusual for this girl to fall asleep when someone she didn’t know quite well was with her. Then she noticed the similarities between us. “Oh are you a relation?” she asked in surprise, this girl was not supposed to have much family left.

“Only a distant one, and she has never met me” I responded quickly, “It’s possible that she noticed some family traits about me though” I suggested, smiling weakly, for I knew not how else I could account for it.

I was allowed to accompany her into the san and sit with her until she woke, since she had not met me and would want to know a little bit about me. When she did wake I told her the complete truth about all that had happened, and we hugged like the sisters we were. Then I left, fully expecting never to see her again.

Suddenly as I was walking along the road I found her walking next to me. She seemed much older, and I wondered how the school would account for their missing pupil, and how I was going to explain the sudden appearance of a twin sister.

I need not have worried, it seemed that people did not remember a time in which I did not have a twin, and the series took advantage of the fact that my sister had disappeared from the story to make her into something completely different to that which she once was – changing her from being Head Girl of the school and a firm disciplinarian who was known for caring about both the prefects under her, and the other girls in the school into one who was later described as ‘a born mooner’ on several occasions – something I honestly couldn’t believe the first time I read it, for anything less like my sister I’ve yet to see.

For yes, it was my fault that Verity Anne Carey became the poor girl she was. The author based her character on me, and I chose to meet up with her. Then she decided that she wanted to stay with her real sister, and so we stuck together.

When the author suggested that we might allow her to write in some twins based on us we refused at once. For by this time we realised how detrimental to the stories the removal of Verity Anne’s character was to the series, and we knew that since we understood how we could meet up with them we would not be able to stop ourselves doing so.

And now I wonder, how many of the other girls who starred in one book, were brought home by the people the author based them on, and do they know what they might have done to the series by this action…

… I do not know the answer, but I do wonder.

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