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He followed David in. "She not appreciate your knight-in-shining-armour act then?" he asked.

But David ignored him.

"I thought we agreed on no Chaletians" he said, continuing to taunt his too perfect cousin. "And certainly none, that were so immersed in Maynard tradition, and were practically family."

David turned around angrily. "Don't take this out on me. Just because Ted Grantley would rather look at a slug than you, is no reason to make yourself even more unpleasant."

David had never been more wrong about him. Like he would ever care about a girl like that. "Like I care about her. I wouldn't run out after her, just because she had slipped on the grass."

David looked at him with a steely glint in his eye. "She went to the Chalet School you know. She's a good girl. Not your type at all."

"My kind of girl is good-looking, and she certainly fits that bill." Rix said, not caring that he sounded arrogant. He couldn't let David see what he was really feeling, "She is just intimadated by me, and who wouldn't be? Look at me! Afterall, how many girlfriends have I had? How many have you had? They all want me, why would they even look at you? The only girls you ever get are the ones after your money."

Had he really just said that? He opened his mouth to apologise- to try and take it back, but he reeled back first, David had punched him in the face. He didn't even try to retaliate, he was to shocked at what he had said.

* * *

"Chalet school girl... Practically family...Not interested... Idiot, idiot, idiot." Rix could hear David muttering to himself, as he paced up and down their room distractedly.

Rix sat staring out of the window, trying to ignore his cousin. Finally he stood up, the black eye he was sporting nothing in comparsion to his hurt pride. Finally, he could be silent no more though, as much as his pride hurt, he could see how much his cousin -his friend- was worrying.

"Yes you're an idiot. But for heaven's sake just go ask her out and give me some peace!" He went back to staring out of the window, annoyed at himself for being nice to David again so quickly. But he could never stay properly mad at him, and he had deserved his friends temper earlier.

"When did you change?" David asked quietly, "Once you were my friend. Now your just a b****rd."

He left the room then, leaving Rix staring after him.
What the hell was wrong with David? He had been trying to help him.

Rix sat there staring out of the window for a long time, just thinking.

"If only you were more like your cousin."

"Why can't you be more like David?"

They were perhaps two of the most repeated phrases Rix had ever heard. Even when he had left school they continued to follow him. He was the older one, yet he was always expected to be more like David. He was his cousin! That didn't mean they were identical. When were people going to realise that he wasn't as smart as David?

The worst part, of course, was that David was so nice. It would have been easy to hate him if he hadn't been, but no, instead they had been friends. Great friends actually. When had he let that change?

Even though sometimes David seemed like the cause of his problems, he was still the only person who actually understood him, and the only person Rix could actually talk to. Of course he could never talk of the insane jealousy he felt sometimes; or the need to act like a complete prig, because his looks were the only thing he could ever beat David with.

Was he a complete prig? He had been called worse. Quite a lot worse actually, and recently to. By a Chaletian of all people, and he had thought they were always prim and proper.

But David had punched him! Actually punched him! David didn't punch people. He tried to resolve issues by talking about them- like that had ever worked in a prep school. Rix remembered the other times he had been punched, or kicked, but that usually happened when he punched or kicked people who were punching or kicking his cousin. Had he really deserved that? Was he really so awful?

But his image- that was all he had.

How pathetic did that sound?

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