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It would be the silence, he reflected, that he would notice the most. And the stillness. He looked at her again, hopefully. Maybe, just maybe… mistakes were made after all.


But not this one.


He knew it but it would take time to convince him of it.


He reached tentatively for his hand.


Not cold, he whispered to himself. Means you’re not gone, my Sharlie girl.


A voice called his name, but not hers. Ellie’s. He shook himself and glanced imploringly at her. Still nothing, only his hope that it couldn’t have come to this.


If he’d have known what would he have done differently these last few days?


Did I tell you I loved you this morning, he mused, when I said I was getting up and you said you’d sleep a couple of hours more? Did you know then? He sighed. I’ll never get used to you not being here, you know, he whispered.

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