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Three girls sat in the corner of the common-room. After their battle to bring in modern equipment into the school, everything middle-ish, as they termed it, seemed to be lame. They wanted to spice up their middle stunting.


"How about a midnight feast?" asked Janie Lanyard, who had two older sisters, one who was a prefect, and the other who was taking a course in IT.


"No, but that's been done before a million times and always was caught out," replied Violet Baynard, whose elder sister had struggled in the modern world for ages.


"What would make it unique would be if it was never found out," suggested Susie Andrews, who'd been brought up in the modern world.


"Great," said Janie. "I've got a secret stash of chocolate. Either of you two got anything?"


"No, well, my sister will send a food package to me. It'll contain a bottle of Sprite or Lilt, a pack of cupcakes, a bag of Frazzles, and some Hotel Chocolat. It's my birthday in two days, you see," Violet replied.


"That's unique," said Susie. "I have a large box of biscuits,"


"Lovely. Well, since your food parcel will arrive in two days, we'll arrange it to be on that night,"


"Can I come?" asked Jenny Carey.


"Anyone can, so long as they promise not to sneak on us and bring some food,"


The girls of the form all got together to discuss midnight feasts.


"I don't see the problem with midnights, to be honest," proclaimed Nora Bates.


While most of the form discussed their midnight feast with vim and vigour, one girl looked on miserably. Camilla Harris was left out of the last big form stunt. Although the girls apologised when she complained about it, and she was taken care of through some of the little stunts, she still kept tight hold of it for her revenge.


She decided on her plan to follow that of a book she had read, and although it wouldn't be exactly that of the book, it would run on similar lines.


The trio, however, knew how rotten Camilla felt over the last big stunt, and knew she might plan some sort of revenge on the girls. With this thought in mind they made other plans, also following that of a book.


So on the night of the plans, Camilla, who was in a separate dormitory, went about her plans. She decided to find where the midnight was first. However, she did not find it, and returned to her dormitory, feeling disgruntled.


The next night, the form had their massive midnight feast.


"Pass that Mars Bar,"


"Have a cupcake,"


"This is really nice, isn't it? It's good to relax and eat in the middle of the night,"


"Sorry, Janie, if that was your large foot,"


"I still don't get why midnights are frowned apon,"


"My feet are not large. They're smaller than your clown's feet,"


"This is going superb,"


"You're sure about that? For your feet are simply enormous,"


The two girls charged at each other, but they were held back. They were sent to bed, and the others finished the feast quickly, before returning to their beds.


In all, the feast was a huge success, and the girls enjoyed it thoroughly.


"The best thing is that none of us came ill or anything," said Susie. "We aren't spreading the word until we're safely out of punishment zone,"


However, Camilla was wondering why she wanted to stop the feast instead of joining in. It would have been more fun. She had had to come to this actualisation before, but she couldn't stop herself sometimes. However, instead of shying away from this problem, she faced it. She apologised to people, even if she hadn't hurt them in any way.


After she apologised to the form, everything was good for the middles, who spent their time on planning more tricks and enjoying themselves.

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