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In atmospheric silence marched Mary-Lou Trelawney and Margot Maynard to the Head's study. Anger showed in Mary-Lou's manner, while Margot's held fear and nervousness. Reaching the door, Mary-Lou knocked and the pair entered, and sat before Miss Annersley.

Mary-Lou told the tale of what happened at Zermatt and all that preceded it. Miss Annersley's face went grimmer and grimmer as Mary-Lou carried on the tale.

"Thank you for telling me, Mary-Lou, you may go," Miss Annersley said, after Mary-Lou had completed the tale. Mary-Lou left.

"Well, Margot, you have done enough in the past half-term to warrant expulsion, can you give me any reason why you shouldn't be?"

Margot didn't say anything, she couldn't trust herself to. Instead, she studied her feet.

"You don't have anything to say in your defence?" said Miss Annersley.

Margot went red.

"In that case I will have to request that your parents remove you from the school. We cannot let the other girls involved get the impression that bullying and blackmail will be tolerated in the school, or that we treat any girls any differently from the rest. Until your parents remove you from the school you will be kept in isolation. Do you understand?"

Margot nodded. A few minutes later, Matey arrived to take the girl to isolation.

Jack came a short while later to take Margot home. He listened to what Miss Annersley had to say, and then attention focused onto the clock.

"That is rather an expensive clock," he said shortly. "I cannot allow Margot to have such a thing,"

"Margot will have no pleasure in the clock for a long time," said Miss Annersley. "It will remind her of how nastily she has acted this term and all of the consequences that it led to. It will deter her from doing anything as bad, or even worse,"

"I still do not think that she should have it at all. It is way too expensive,"

"It is your choice," said Miss Annersley. "Yours and Joey's. But you should at least listen to Joey's view on it, and take in consideration for what I've said,"

"I'll make the decisions in our family," Jack said. "I'm taking Margot home,"

And Jack marched out of the office and went to take Margot to Freudesheim.

On the way, Margot wished that her father would just speak to her, apart from one-worded instructions. Even if he said the worst thing possible to hear, ever, she wouldn't care.

As soon as they got home, Margot rushed to her bedroom, slammed the door, and lay on her bed, weeping quietly until she could weep no more. What, oh what, had she done?

Downstairs, Jack had told Joey everything, and Joey had leapt to her feet, pacing.

"Jealousy?" Joey said. "That's not like Margot. It isn't. She's a naughty kid, but she doesn't take hates at people just because they're friends with her sisters. There has to be something behind all of this, has to. She gets on well with all of the triplets friends. It's only been this term she's acted in a jealous manner. And she isn't a bully, either. Why did she go after Ted, though? I have to see Margot,"

"No, Jo, not now,"

"Why not?" Joey said. "I wasn't going to ask her anything, just comfort her a bit. After everything that's happened, a bit of small comfort doesn't go amiss,"

"Doesn't what she's done disgust you?"

"Yes, it does. But it's still not like her,"

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