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There close tonight, the bombs.

Falling, exploding, all around me.

I sit huddled on my doorstep, waiting, watching.

I take another draw from the cigarette and jump as one hits nearby, the building shakes.

I can see smoke and fires coming from all over the city.

I should be in a shelter, but I can’t seem to make myself care what happens.

I need to be free.

Another gruelling day in the factory, slowly worked to death, anything must be better than living this!

That is my motivation, not doing anything, helping them.

Everyone I loved is gone, dead or one of them.

I try and calm down; getting upset won’t help me now.

The drone of planes overhead makes me look up, the ratt-a-tat of the antiaircraft guns goes mad, and I listen to the shrill whiney noise of the bombs falling, waiting for them to explode.

The night sky is lit up with flashes of light from all directions and I wonder again if tonight will be my last.

I light another cigarette; time seems to slow down waiting like this, too much time to think.

I huddle closer to the doorway as a fine mist of rain starts to fall.

Will the noise ever stop? There close now, maybe 2 streets away.

If only I could run far far away and never stop.

I check my watch again, almost time to leave.

The explosives are hidden in my skirt; if I’m stopped they hopefully won’t find them.

Would they ever understand those long ago friends, so far away now.

I think of them now, those happy days.

So carefree.

They keep me hopeful for a better future, the ideals in our Peace League.

Its time to leave, I send up a quick prayer to a God I’m no-longer sure exists and head into the empty streets and towards the unknown.

I run as fast as I can through the dark alleys of the city, another successful mission.
The cattle trucks won’t be loading their passengers tomorrow now.
But it won’t stop them,
I can’t stop them,
Not for long.
Anger wells up within.The images of crying children and frightened adults flash through my mind.
The things I have seen just won’t go away.
Neighbours informing on neighbours,
Families turning on each other,
All in their eagerness to please the Fuhrer, such hatred and evil permeate the very air I breathe.
My senses go into overdrive as I strain to hear any noise.
My stomach clenches painfully with fear.
I can trust no one,
My sister tried to talk to me today, but she is engaged to one of the SS, a soldier, a killer, the enemy.
I reach home and search for signs that someone is waiting.
I crouch in the bushes and wait, listening, was someone behind me?
I’m sure you can hear the beating of my heart, its sounds so loud!
Did they see me?
Has someone has betrayed us?
Hands grab me from behind, is this it, the end,
I wonder if anyone will ever know....



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