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Several years have passed since the triplets left the school – and Nell Wilson is dead, killed in an avalanche. Hilda Annersley wonders how she will survive the great loss?

Rated: General
Categories: Ste Therese's House Characters: Hilda Annersley, Jack Maynard, Kathie Ferrars, Madge (Bettany) Russell, Matron Lloyd, Nancy Wilmot, Nell Wilson, Rosalie Dene
School Period: Switzerland
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Humour, Mystery, School Story
Series: A New Dream
Chapters: 15 Completed: Yes
Word count: 93801 Read: 68441
Published: 27 Jun 2011 Updated: 13 Jul 2011
Story Notes:

For those of you who have never read any of this story, you might first like to read Lesley’s Tension - an Aside, which you will find in the archives on the board. It is only short but sets the scene for this saga of mine. ( I have no idea how to make links, I'm afraid.) When I joined the board, that was the first thing I ever read – and, immediately, a whole story dropped into my mind, which was bizarre as I had never written anything in my life before. Lesley was kind enough to allow me to appropriate the basic tenet of her story into mine.

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2. Chapter 2 - The Abbess Meets the Abbess by MaryR [Reviews - 1] (5089 words)

3. Chapter 3 - A Proposal, a Threat and a Dream. by MaryR [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstar (6351 words)

If you want clarification of what Hilda tells Ian about her past in this chapter, you need to read my short drabble, A Future and A Hope, which explains what happened to Hilda to influence her coming to the CS.

4. Chapter 4 - Hilda's new dream by MaryR [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (4046 words)

Thank you so much for your reviews - so encouraging!

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Thank you so much for the encouraging comments. I do appreciate them.

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9. Chapter 9 - A Problem Rears its Ugly Head by MaryR [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (7495 words)
I apologise if this chapter looks a little different from the ones before, but I've approached the posting of it differently. Fingers crossed it works!

Thanks to all of you who've already read all this once, yet have returned to read it again and post lovely comments. Bless you!

10. Chapter 10 - Hilda Finds a Way by MaryR [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (6184 words)
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11. Chapter 11 - Guardian Angels Fly to Hilda's Rescue by MaryR [Reviews - 4] (6291 words)
Thank you so much for the kindly comments! Elder, I had to laugh at the thought of you rubbing your hands in gleeful anticipation of reading all about Vivien's pranks a second time.

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I do hope you all know your traditional sayings and proverbs!!! *grins evilly*

13. Chapter 13 - Breakdown! by MaryR [Reviews - 3] (8209 words)
I'm so glad you enjoyed those proverbs second time round and that it all bears repeating. Thank you!

14. Chapter 14 - Hilda Dreams by MaryR [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (4600 words)
Thank you all for your loving concern for Abby and Ray. Thank you also for your encouragement on here. I've just tried to post a huge chunk, so I could take us up to half term tonight, but it wouldn't accept it all so I'll finish this scene in another chapter tomorrow evening.

15. Chapter 15 - Continuation of Chapter 14. by MaryR [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (2891 words)
This is very short, to finish off the last chapter, since it wouldn't all post at once. Many thanks for the reviews.