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The day was hot, so hot that it was impossible to stay outside for long. Jo Maynard was busy in the kitchen. She had decided that the wash pile was too large and, since she was feeling bored, she thought she would do a little washing. Jack was at the Sanatorium as usual, so Jo had the house to herself and no one to stop her.

After carefully washing a few pieces of underwear she particularly liked, she moved onto some casual shirts belonging to Jack. Once they were done, she wrung them out and headed outside to hang them on the line.

“It’s hot out here today,” she said to herself as she carried the basket and pegs across the yard. Dumping the basket on the ground, she proceeded to peg the clothes out.

“There! That’s done. They shouldn’t take long to dry in this weather. I hope it cools off a bit as I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep in this heat”

She headed back in to the coolness of the house. After making a cup of tea, she wandered into the lounge and flopped onto the sofa. Picking her book up, she was soon reading avidly and never noticed the time slipping past. When she finally put the book back down, she looked at the mantle clock and let out a gasp of surprise.

“Two o’clock, already!” She said to the room. “I’d best go and have something to eat.” She went to the kitchen and made herself a sandwich. She remembered the washing she had hung out earlier. Suddenly feeling a little worried at Jack coming home to see her underwear adorning the line, she went out to fetch in what was dry. She had folded the undies and one of Jack’s shirts, when she took the next one down. It had metal buttons and Jo hadn’t noticed that they were in the direct sunlight when she hung the shirt out. She started to fold it and held the shirt under her chin to try and make sure it was neat.

“Owww!” She dropped the shirt and rubbed her chin, just as Jack walked into the garden.

“Jo? What happened?” He came quickly over to her and tilted her chin up to look at it. He saw there were two red circles there. “Come on inside so I can put something cold on it.” He led her in to the kitchen and proceeded to place a cold wet cloth on her chin. After reapplying it a few times, he looked at it once more.

“What on earth were you doing, Jo?”

“I was folding one of your shirts. I did a bit of washing and was fetching it in from the line. I was folding your denim shirt with the metal buttons, when it happened.”

Jack sighed. “Did you not think that they might be hot?”

“No. I never realised that they were in the direct sun until I shoved it under my chin to make sure it folded without too many creases”

“Well, now you have two lovely round marks there. Perhaps that’ll teach you to think before doing something so mad in future. They are going to take some time to go, as well.” Suddenly, he laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m wondering how you are going to explain them to anyone, since they are rather obvious”

“I’m sure I’ll think of something,” and with that comment, Jo headed back outside to collect the rest of the washing from the line.

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