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She screamed.

Her shrill squeals stopped birds in mid-flight, caused avalanches, and caused an earthquake so large it killed someone immortal.

Her clarion screams were heard all over Europe, and deafened several people.

However, only one of the Freudesheim load heard the screams, the rest too asleep to notice.

"Mary-Lou!" cried Margot, reaching the kitchen. "What's the problem?"

Mary-Lou trembled, and pointed.

The body on the ground was still, red-and-grey, and, not just to appearances, dead.

"There's no point in screaming," Margot said sharply. "Unless you're trying to wake the dead, but if you are, I think you need to be louder,"

"But what will Auntie Jo do?" Mary-Lou said.

"Do about what?" asked Joey herself, entering the kitchen. "Oh," she said, looking at the body.

"You don't seem surprised," Mary-Lou said.

"Well, we knew someone was trying to kill Anna. Now they have," said Joey. "I'll get Rosli to clean this up, thankfully Anna was going to retire anyway and I decided to get a new worker. She'll be here tomorrow,"


Somewhere else, the new-girl-to-be thanked the CBB for helping her get to the Chalet School. She would finally experience it.

When the latest new girl arrived on the Platz early (co-inciding with the unfortunate death of Anna), people wondered why the heck she was so early.

All anyone could say about her was that she was weird.

Meanwhile, Rosalie was filtering through the many Chalet School applications. She had to be careful - she didn't want the situation with the spammers like last year. She paused at one, giggling about any applicant age being 567, before chucking it away.

She went into Hildas study, determined to show Hilda an interesting application, of someone, who, at this minute, was on the large Platz, although Rosalie wasn't to know this.

Minim sat at her laptop, thinking "That sentence didn't make sense, did it? Mind you, neither do I..."

Minim was about to insert herself into her drabble, riding a robot unicorn and carrying a well-known weapon, but then she thought "That would be the most stupidest thing you've ever written. Mind you, all of my writing on the board is weird and crazy. I must mind-poke my sister mow, because she's mind-poked me. The game. I now need to announce that I have lost the game,"

"I have lost the game," Minim said.

Minim decided to think about some other random stuff instead.

Anna was buried. The new worker accidentally knocked a jug over, and Joey had a go at her for that. But she replied, with maddening calm,

"There's no sense crying over every mistake,"

Joey sent her to carry on with her work.

Meanwhile, Len, Con, and Margot went on a walk, but, to their irritation, they found that some of their words were being changed.

"Pass a sthingy," said Con, wanting to eat something out of the picnic they had packed.

"Could I have some pile of porridge of that nice stuff?" asked Margot. "Hang on, I wanted to say pile of porridge, I mean, the word that's spelt m-o-r-e,"

"Has our dandelion author been anywhere near the autosensor?" asked Len, annoyed.

"Oh, let's just mimble-bimble!" said Margot.

"I will always love you," sang Reg.

Len and Reg were in the garden of Freudesheim, and Reg was trying to speak of his feelings towards Len.

"Oh, stop that horrendous singing!" Len said.

A gun fired. Reg fell down.

"I'm alive," he said.

"And despite your violent behaviour, the only thing you've managed to break so far, is my heart," Len said.

"I'm sorry, Len, I didn't mean it,"

"Didn't mean what? Telling all my innermost feelings and thoughts to the whole Platz? Picking a fight with any male in the same house as me? I've made up excuses for you time and time again, but now, you've been having it off with another woman,"

Reg flinched as Len flung something at him, and walked away.

Reg looked at the missile. He broke down completely.

The beautiful engagement ring lay in the grass, glinting.

A man walked down the road. Apart from the ability to drive well, he was a complete mystery to the world. He wore complete white, apart from the glass of his helmet, which was completely black. He never spoke.

Many people wanted to know about him. There were many rumours about him, but all we know is, he's called The Stig.

His mission: to find out if the Chalet School really actually was there like it said in news reports, or was just a fictional school covered in several books.

But when he was nearly in sight, he fell through the ground and ended up in some room place, where, he didn't know. The obvious signs of a Portal had been removed already.

Tom, Dick, and Harry strolled around the Platz happily, with knapsacks and things.

"Thomasina, what a dreadful thing to say!" exclaimed Dickie. "She isn't like that,"

"Harriet, back me up. You do know her," Tom begged.

They were cut off by a very loud scream.

"Come on," said Dick, "Let's see what the problem is,"

"Those are very clarion screams," remarked Tom, as they followed the shrieks.

"Mary-Lou, whenever you see someone dead, next time, don't scream," said a voice the trio heard.

They found a gruesome sight. Dead, on the ground, was Reg Entwhistle. Behind him, a small, silvery-haired girl trembled, and two older females, also fair, stood.

The girls discussed the two murders with vim and vigour, wondering who it was who had done them.

"Maybe it was Felicity," said one of the girls.

"But she was with Rosli when the murders happened," argued another girl. "Anyway, no Maynard, Russell, Bettany or friend of the family would even think of committing murder,"

Another girl crossed several names off of her list. "What about that new girl?"

"Minim? That's plausible,"

"Why do you think it's plausible?"

"Because Anna had an argument the evening before Anna died. And she and Reg never got on. Also, she's quite Gothic and she wears glasses,"

"And what about that weird device she keeps with her all of the time?"

"She calls it a calculator. She also calls that other weird thing she carries around occasionally a DS. And she loves Maths, and can speak a bit of Spanish,"


"That was really deafening," said a girl, shakily. "A clarion scream!"

"Mary Louise Trelawney, the dead cannot hear you!"

The girls looked out of the common-room window. The bloody form of Miss Ferrars lay on the ground. One of the girls put a cross though a few more names.

"Minim couldn't have done that, Ferry only went out quarter of an hour ago and Minim is stuck under Matey's nose, mending," said another girl.

Kathie awoke, surrounded by wood and darkness.

"I'll have to show that person - whoever it was - that it'll take more than a knife to kill me," Kathie said.

She tried to get out of the narrow gap that there was, but couldn't.

"They've buried me! And now, if I show, people will know I'm what I am. They don't know I'm from the future though, small mercy. Nancy should have forbade them from burying me, no doubt about that,"

At that point, she heard noises. Within the next few minutes, she was in the cool night time.

"Nancy, why did you let them bury me?"

"I didn't. I was out of the way and nobody knew. Thankfully no-one who saw your body recognised it, so you'll be able to return to teaching,"

"When I find out who did this..." the pair chorused, their incisors lengthening...

Gaudenz was getting angry. His screwdrivers kept on disappearing all of the time and he didn't know where they were going, although it must be one of the girls, he realised.

Karen was annoyed. One of her maids had been killed yet no-one took the slightest attention. They all already had been doing much more work beforehand, because several maids had resigned ages ago but no-one noticed.

"We could go on strike, to get better treatment, more staff, and overtime payment," suggested one of the maids.

"I think that first, we should do some negotiating though," said another maid. "And be patient,"

Karen sent a body of maids to try to negotiate. They were unsuccessful, and so the domestic staff of the Chalet School decided to go on strike. Gaudenz joined them, keeping all of his screwdrivers with him, in case anyone stole any again.

Carlene Barker was walking along the path, when someone stood in front of her, stopping her from carrying on along the path.

"Excuse me," she said. "Could you let me pass, please?"

"Nah," said the person blocking the path. "Why bother?"

"Please, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseee?" Carlene said.

"No, no, no, no, nooooooooooooooo,"

Carlene glared at the blocker. As the blocker person looked back, she fell. Carlene noticed that there was a screwdriver in her back, before dashing back to the school, not seeing the killers face, but noting that they were short.

"Do they know who's doing the murders yet?"

"No, but now they know that the person committing them is short and amply supplied with screwdrivers,"

"I'm hungry,"

"Damn that strike thingy!"

"I've got lots of chocolate. I brought it in. Matey doesn't know,"

"Come on, everyone. Lets go eat some chocolate,"

One of the girls broke with the throng silently and un-noticed. A short while later she was going through a secret passage.

She grabbed the person in the room at the end of the tunnel and took him outside.

"You need to escape here, the murderer is going to be active tonight and you're the next target," she said, in a whisper.

The Stig didn't need telling twice, if he even needed to be told at all.

The Prefects of the Chalet School were having a meeting.

"What has happened to Felicity Maynard?" the Head Girl said.

"We none of us know," her Second Prefect, Sophia Battleblood, said.

"What's been happening?" the Stationery Pree said. "I haven't seen the kid much,"

"She's been breaking rules left, right and centre," said the Games Pree. "She's been found out of bounds several times, she's been awful at Netball. And she's usually quite good, even when she's been upset by something,"

"She's not herself," the Library Prefect said. "She's been getting through tonnes of books this term,"


"Well," said the Library Pree, "She's never got through half the amount of books in a term before. And most of them are quite big. That means she's been reading lots, so not talking with her mates as usual,"

"Maybe the 5 younger Maynards are growing at last?"

"None of them are ever gonna grow, though, are they?"

"No. Well, lets solve this another time,"

A clarion scream cut through their dwellings.

The Prefects, at the scream, all gathered gaffa-tape and marched down to silence Mary-Lou. Unfortunately, there were staff-members and Maynards there, so it wasn't easy and the prees gave up.

On the ground was a mouse, which Rosaline, the new worker, had just stabbed with the knife she was carrying. She took the knife out of the mouse and went to clean it thoroughly in the kitchen, with lots of disinfectanty stuff.

Mary-Lou decided to go to the cellar, why, no-one knows. It was for some random reason, anyhow, the fact remains that she did, and that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I don't think anyone believes me, but it is the truth.

Her clarion screams filled Freudesheim yet again.

"Well, the cellar is full of rats," said a prefect. "C'mon, let's see what the problem is this time,"

When the people got to the cellar they found Mary-Lou, dead. Joey Maynard grabbed a bottle of champagne.

"If you think you're going to ambush and defeat the murderer yourself you have another think coming," Miss Annersley said, casually.

"Not that, meeting, now!" said Joey.

"Huh?" said most of the prefects and staff.

"Oh, you lot, go home," Joey said.

The Prefects and staff left, except Hilda.

"You nearly gave the secret away," whispered Hilda.

"Sorry Hilda! We'll have the meeting at 6. I'll send for the San and Old Girls, you send for the girls and those CBB people you know,"

"Deal!" Hilda said.

Ha. They think that it'll be over soon. They think they're gonna find out who the murderer is.

They'll all be dead soon.

I am concerned about Kathie Ferrars. I couldn't kill her before. But I'll get a wooden stake. The girls can get it for me.

This pair will do whatever is necessary to do things for me. One does it by force, the other tagged along.

And perhaps one day, I'll get you, Josephine Maynard, striking each member of your family off first. One day.

Unless you all forget your stupid detective game and all of the murder business that is going on, I'll kill you all.

One. By. One.

Until you're all dead.

The meeting got started. Joey (representing the locals) and Hilda (representing the school staff) were at the head of it all. Then there was Margot Maynard (representing the CBBers at their request - none of them could go), The Quads (Rosalie Dene, Rosli, Rosaline and Rosalind Moore, representing multiple births), Sophia Battleblood (representing the school prefects), Carlene Barker (representing the school girls) and Dr Phelps (female, representing the San).

The ten people sat around the table, which was covered with bowls of food. Biscuits, cupcakes, Pringles, fruit, and other things were there.

"Who's got the list of those who have been murdered?" Joey asked. One of the quads passed it to her.

"Anna, Reg, Lulu Howards, a mouse, and Mary-Lou. Kathie Ferrars attacked, but no injuries. Another woman, name of Chell, has been injured and an item of her possession removed, a gun of some sort. Also, The Stig has gone missing around these parts," Joey read out.

The rest of the meeting is classified information, so no-one can give it to you.

After deciding to question Minim and Felicity on the morrow, the meeting finished and everyone retired to their domain. The people going to the school found someone with a screwdriver in their.

"Ted. She'll be okay after we remove the screwdriver and a night in the san," Hilda said.

"I wonder if she saw her attacker," Rosalie said.

Felicity Maynard marched down the Platz, plonked herself in a bush, and stayed there, until someone came crashing over her leg.

"Sorry! Really sorry!" said the girl.

"Oh, don't worry about it," said Felicity. "Wait, who are you?"

"I'm Miranda," the girl replied.

"Ah," said Felicity.

"What's up?" Miranda said.

"It's nothing, really," said Felicity.

"You can tell me. I mean, I'm the only person around and you've not exactly been yourself lately,"

"Alright, I'll tell you," said Felicity. "It began like this..."

Dear Josephine Maynard,

Somebody is out to get you. Out to get you and kill you. I, as a spy, ought to let you know. You know the murderer as well. They're going to kill all of your family and then you. Saving Jack Maynard, as well.

Thought I'd let you know,

A person.

"She's been contacting me all this term. The murderer. She's been making me steal all sorts of stuff - screwdrivers, that Portal gun, and I've provided her with a cover and all sorts of things,"

"Well, what we need to do is to trick her," Miranda said. "Who's next on the list to be murdered?"

"My sister, Cecily," Felicity mumbled.

"Okay, I know just the place to trap her, I need some equipment. Look, I'm just gonna go ransack the equipment from some secret sciency place, you grab Cess and go to the third floor, west side, third on the right, second on the left. Wait there. Good luck,"

"Why do I need luck?" asked Felicity.

"Because the murderer..." said Miranda, checking a watch-like device Felicity thought was a watch "... is on the third floor, west side. I got a bit of her DNA, while I cannot identify her, I can track her,"

"Good luck yourself," said Felicity.

"Thank you,"

Felicity grabbed Cecily. "C. Come with me. Quietly now, we don't want anyone to know,"

Cecily played along, thinking it was some game. She managed to get Cecily to the rendevous, and they waited for Miranda, who had her equipment.

"This corner," Miranda said. "Cess, go through the blue fence. It won't hurt you, I promise, it's just there to erase Portals,"

Cecily went nervously through the blue fence. It didn't hurt her at all.

"Okay, now, I'm gonna tweak this a bit, I'm adding extras to it,"

Miranda added the extras.

"I hope that this will work," she said, nervously.

Hilda Annersley decided to check out some random rooms, see if anyone was in them, and then tell them off for being out-of-bounds.

More often than not, she found a girl and a boy, snogging. Every so often, she found two girls kissing each other. Once, she had found two boys caressing each other! 

On opening one of the doors, she saw something. Miranda was fiddling about with a very weird machine. Behind the weird machine was Cecilia Maynard. Felicity Maynard was also there, watching tensely. Miss Annersley slipped in soundlessly and stood next to Felicity.

"Cess, when she approaches you," Miranda said, twiddling with the machine. "She'll come past this line. When she does so, run to the other side of the line. A fence will come up but only once you've run out. Understood?"

Cecily nodded.

"Okay, Flixy, do your stuff. When we go, Cess, you've got to stay where you are,"

"Right here," said Cecily. "Got it,"

Joey was glaring at Jack one morning.

"Hello, Joey," said Jack, not noticing his wife's glare. "Ted'll be coming here tomorrow, thought I'd warn you not to make her do anything she doesn't want to,"

"What does this mean?" said Joey, icily, flinging a letter at him.


I love your husband Jack more than anyone in the world. I think he likes me too.


"Who's TS?" asked Jack.

"Your lover. She's your lover, isn't she? You've been off together, haven't you?"

"What!?!?!? Do you really think that I'd take anyone as a lover when I've got a perfectly good wife? I bet you anything that TS is the murderer, intent on killing you and all the family, just so she could be with me. Well, she's not going to,"

Felicity rigged up a camera and she, Miranda and Miss Annersley left. Miranda dashed down the corridor.

"Miranda!" the stern voice of Hilda Annersley sounded. "No running in the corridors,"

Miranda could see that Miss Annersleys eyes were still only blue-grey behind her hated glasses.

"It's a gallop, Miss," Miranda said.

"Very well, no galloping in the corridors," The Abbesses eyes twinkled.

They went to a nearby room. In it, there was a monitor showing Cecily and a woman.

"Her? She's the murderer?" Miss Annersley said.

"Who's she?" asked the other two in unison.

"Thekla von Stift," Miss Annersley said, grimly, her eyes now steel-grey.

"Who?" asked Miranda, while Felicity glared at the woman's image.

Miss Annersley explained what had happened, but before she was half-complete Miranda yelled gleefully. They had captured the murderer once and for all.

The End.

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