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Author's Chapter Notes:

There really wasn't supposed to be any more of this. Truly there wasn't. I blame Vick for feeding the plot bunnies ;p

Drabble references, in order of appearance:

(Drabblers Playpen in ETAF on the CBB); The Extraordinary Bunny Dispersal Unit by jayj; Where You Belong by jayj; All Change by Beecharmer; No Place Like Home by jayj; Jo's Biggest Challenge by Vick; A Different Kind of Shepherd's Pie by Vick

NANCY_W: Kathie Ferrars, didn't anyone ever teach you about sharing? It's my turn on the computer now. You've been on it ages.

KATHIE_F: You'll have to wait, I'm doing something.

NANCY_W: Something more important than staking our claim to the caravan in the playpen?

KATHIE_F: ::grins:: Nice idea. But, yes.

NANCY_W: What are you doing?

KATHIE_F: Sending a formal complaint to A-WRABBIT.

NANCY_W: ::looks puzzled:: But you're not a member of A-WRABBIT. What can they possibly have done to you?

KATHIE_F: Just look at these plot bunnies they've been sending out. One of them broke you. Actually broke you. I'm not happy about that at all.

NANCY_W: If it comes to that, I wasn't too thrilled with the one that dropped you down that hole in the cave.

KATHIE_F: Not to speak of the one that killed us both off - and separately, to put each of us through as much angst as possible. You see my point?

NANCY_W: Of course I do, but it is only fiction, Kath.

KATHIE_F: It is not, it's incipient sadism and it needs to be stamped out. What happened to all the nice bunnies that had us moving in together or getting caught in herdsman's huts?

NANCY_W: Now you mention it, they have been in rather short supply lately. How long has it been since we last took advantage of Hilary's hospitality?

KATHIE_F: Too long, if you ask me. I'm starting to wonder whether the happy bunnies have gone on strike.

NANCY_W: Surely we can't be the only ones affected? What about Joey? That's a potentially fatal illness her bunnies have lumbered her with.

JOEY_M: Did I hear my name? What about me?

NANCY_W: We were just wondering whether you had any advice on dealing with renegade plot bunnies. Kathie and I appear to be suffering quite badly from them at the moment.

JOEY_M: I'd suggest shepherd's pie. Or maybe a nice casserole.

KATHIE_F: Casserole?

JOEY_M: Or you could try them in a stir-fry, if you prefer.

KATHIE_F: You cook them?

JOEY_M: Waste not, want not. No more plot bunny and a free dinner.

NANCY_W: ::googles rabbit recipes::

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