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The Gornetz Platz, May 1951


My dear Maude,


I have to admit that I was somewhat shocked to hear that the school hadn’t appointed you to the post. I don’t know what the rest of the applicants were like but, my dear, you really ought to see what they did appoint. I honestly thought that the Head here had her head screwed on properly – not like that ghastly woman at St Winifred’s, there was no wonder I had to get out of there! But back to the woman they appointed – I say woman but she’s really just a slip of a girl, only 21 and not even fully through her university course! She’s in her last term now but the Head has made all sorts of special arrangements so that she can finish her course. Personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about. She’s not all that wonderful yet everyone’s bending over backwards to help her out and be her friend. She seems to have chummed up with that Biddy O’Ryan – you remember, the Irish charity case I told you about – but I’m not surprised as our Miss Andrews is that herself, only a Liverpudlian from the back streets. She’s got everywhere in life on scholarships and charity. Don’t get me wrong, Maude, I’ve nothing against it but I do think that people ought to realise their station in life and stick to it! More to the point she’s writing some dissertation on the Jews during the war. Now I know what happened was terrible but I really don’t see the need to keep on dragging it all up. Try the perpetrators and move on, I say. I told her as much and, well, she absolutely blew up at me. I can’t say I expected much more from a back street girl, dragged up daresay. I’ve heard from my sister, Clarissa, that she thought she was a bit of something at university (Clarrie’s in the year below and they were in hall together). Seemingly she was always swanning off with people she really didn’t deserve to be doing so. I have to wonder what the Head was thinking to choose her over you, I really do!



No doubt I shall see you over the summer some time.


Your, Joan.

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