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"Hmm..." said the random examiner, looking at a History test paper.

He then marked it and put it in a box.

"This year's results are quite good, for History, anyhow," remarked his friend.

"This'll be another record-breaking year," said an older man.

"Yes. Well, I've made up this list. Time to put it in the file for the school," the first one said.

"This one is awful! All they know is stuff that's not worth knowing. This one is a U, for certain," the second one said.

"This'll be another record-breaking year," repeated the third.

"Is that all he says?" asked a young woman.

"Yes," chorused the two men.

"This'll be another record-breaking year," repeated the third.

"Well, can I have the files you've added to? Only, the Geography lot want some soon,"

"Here they are," chorused the first two, and the woman recieved a pile from all three men at that desk.

"This'll be another record-breaking year," repeated the third.

The woman went and shoved the files to a desk from the Geography department, then went for more files from other History desks.

They finished their marking and then all the piles passed to the Geography department, and they could have a break from all the marking.

Then the marking process continued, and then all the lists dealt with, and the personal lists and school percentages done.

One of the people was exited to point out a school that achieved 100% 5 A*-Cs and the "Big Boss" as he was known smiled.

"Good attempt. But, unfortunately, they cannot beat the Chalet School," "Big Boss" said.
The guy sighed. "They have achieved..."

"Again, 100% passes in every subject they attempted. I'm starting to get suspicious. It's like... there's something there that isn't... isn't right, isn't normal,"

"But, how do we learn how they're doing it? Ofsted inspections are always the highest that are there, and apart from the smallest things that really don't matter, they don't have any comments or complaints. They do think that there is something weird about the school, but cannot put a finger on it. So what do we do about it, find out what's different?"

"I can hear what you're saying," said the woman mentioned earlier. "My daughter is 14, and so I can apply for her to go to this school, and tell her to find out what it's like there and see what the odd thing is. She can report to us regularly and we can note everything down,"

"Good idea. The address is Glendower House, wait, it's this one,"

"Yep. I'll just try to get Scarlett into the Chalet School, and I'll do all the things I have to do with her. She'll understand,"

"Good luck,"

"Good luck, Caroline,"

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