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Story Notes:

I'm sure this has been done before, but I have had fun making it up, hope someone enjoys reading it!

Disclaimer: Any characters or social network ideas are the property of the copyright holder, no money is made from this story.

FileSpace Bulletin Board.

Wednesday 23 June

10.00 am

Kathleen Ferrars has joined FileSpace

Kathleen Ferrars has updated her profile
--- KF attended Tanswick Junior School
--- KF attended Tanswick High School
--- KF attended St Hilds College, Oxford.

Kathleen Ferrars has changed her Profile name.

6:00 pm
Kathy Ferrars is: Hello, not sure how this works yet. Anyone out there ?

Kathy Ferrars joined the group: How to use FileSpace.

Kathy Ferrars joined the group : Oxford Graduates, lets keep in touch.

Kathy Ferrars joined the group : Oxford Friends of Dorothy

Kathy Ferrars is friends with Nell Randolph and 15 other people.

Message on KF page.

Nell Randolph : Hello there Kathy. Nice to see you on here. Just so you know, groups show to everyone you are friends with.
                       Reply from KF : Eek! Any idea how I stop that?

                       Reply from NR : Sorry, No!

Kathy Ferrars joined the group : Can I stop groups showing to everyone.

Kathy Ferrars joined the group : Tell FileSpace to let us hide our groups.

Kathy Ferrars left the group : Oxford Friends of Dorothy.

Thursday 24 th June

Kathy Ferrars is: Anyone know how long job offers take. Arghhh. Don't know if it will be more scary to get it or sad to not get it!!

                    Reply from NR : Don't be silly, you will love it. I think Aunty Hilda said the letters were sent out on Monday.

                     Reply from KF : Eek!!! Don't say that, I haven't had a letter ! Oh No!

                      Reply from NR : Don't be a goop Kath, they have to come from Switzerland of course you don't have it yet .

Kathy Ferrars is : Hiding under the duvet, don't want to grow up.

Kathy Ferrars joined the group : Letters from Europe take far too long, its annoying.

Friday 25 June

Kathy Farrars is friends with Mrs Grayson
Kathy Ferrars is friends with Frank Grayson.

Message on KF page :

Mrs Grayson: Hello dear, I have joined this as you asked. Am I doing it right? By the way I haven't managed to get the new underwear you wanted, they were all sold out of plain blue. Oh and while I remember, can you buy some milk please. Your uncle will never remember, I despair of him sometimes!

                   Reply from KF : AUNTY ! When you write on here, everyone can see it, including Uncle.

                   Reply from MG : Oh Dear. Well your uncle knows I despair of him, so no harm done.

                    Reply from KF : Apart from you talking to everyone about my underwear!

                    Reply from KF : Damn! Mean to write that as a private message myself! This is hard !

Saturday 26 th June

Kathy Ferrars is attending Graduation Party at the Jolly Farmers Oxford.

8:00 pm Kathy Ferrars is : Looking forward to a great party, nice friends, good end to the year.

11:30 pm Kathy Ferrars is: Wahey!! Gret. Great, yeah, great party. Dance dance dance. 

1:30 am Kathy Ferrars: Having a good time, good time.

2.00 am Kathy Ferrars joined the group: The Jolly Farmers is the best. 

2.01 am Kathy Ferrars joined the group: I love Katherine Hepburn. 

2.02 am Kathy Ferrars joined the group : I want to look after Katherine Hepburn in the jungle please.

2.03 am Kathy Ferrars thinks FileSpace is greeeeeeeeeaaattt. 

Sunday 27th June:

10:00am Kathy Ferrars is: In the recovery position and never going to drink again. (6 people like this)

Message on KF page.

11: 00 am Nell Randolph : You and me both! Do you have any idea what happened after about 10 last night? Because I don't. And I seem to have aquired a blue toy elephant ...

                Reply from KF: Not a sausage, sorry ! Look after your elephant. I think they like peanuts.

Kathy Ferrars sent a picture of : A Peanut to: Nell Randolph

Nell Randolph sent a : Push to KF

Kathy Ferrars sent a : Kick to NR

Nell Randolph sent a : 'You made me Cry' to KF

Kathy Ferrars sent a : Apology hug to NR.

11.04 am Kathy Ferrars left the group : I love Katherine Hepburn.

11.05 am Kathy Ferrars left the group : I want to look after Katherine Hepburn in the jungle please. 

Monday 28th June

10.00 am 

Kathy Ferrars is : No letter in the morning post waaaaaa

Kathy Ferrars joined the group : Looking for Work in a School after graduation.

4.00 pm

Kathy Ferrars is: It's HERE !!! I've got the job !!! I'm going to Switzerland ! Waheyyyyyyyy!! (7 people like this)

                   Reply from NR : Well Done ! Knew you would !

                   Reply from Mollie Carew : Well Done Kathy, you'll have a great time at the CS ! Watch out for those Middles !

                   Reply from Joan Sandys : Well Done! The Chalet is THE BEST. Don't let the middles win though !

                   Reply from Kathy : Thank you !! Really happy, but bit scared too!

Tuesday 29th June

Kathy Ferrarsis : Anyone know what type of clothes grown up school mistresses ought to wear?

Message on KF Page

Mrs Grayson. : That is hardly chosing your clothes for yourself Kathy !

                    Reply from Kathy: Oops! I forgot you were on here too. I will manage it, I am a grown up, honest!

Kathy Ferrars changed her profile information.

Kathy Ferrars works at The Chalet School, Swiss branch. (Kathy Ferrars, Nell Randolph, Molie Carew and Joan Sandys like this)

July 4th

Kathy Ferrars is : Nearly got all of my work clothes ! How grown up am I!

July 7th

Kathy Ferrars is: Sorry to miss message folks, have been really busy. Love to you all back!

July 15th

Kathy Ferrars is: Off to Devon on hols folks, see you in a few weeks!


Chapter End Notes:
Edited to correct EBDism for Kathy's full name!

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