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Con glanced furtively around the room. It wasn't that she was doing anything wrong, per se, it was just that she didn't want anyone else to know what she was doing. Ever since she'd discovered the CBB she had been visiting the site daily - hourly, during the holidays - but she most certainly did not want any of the rest of the family discovering the Board. She told herself it was because she didn't want them to find the often hurtful things that were being written about them; but the truth was, she didn't want any of them to discover her secret life as a CBB drabbler. Her last epic, a serious look at the role of Uncle Jem - Sir James, as she always called him on the CBB - and his TB work, had afforded her serious acclaim. Well, a lot of comments. She didn't want any of her siblings - or worse, her parents - to take that away from her.

Besides, she'd agreed to start off a community drabble tonight, and she was determined that this time she was going to write things exactly the way they should be. She opened a new post and tried to think of a title.
Community Drabble:, she wrote. The Way Things Are Meant To Be. Perfect.

One day while Jack was at the San and Joey was visiting the Emburys, and Anna was visiting someone else that meant she was conveniently out of the house, Len decided to organise everyone to do things that they didn't want to do. Well, Stephen was probably OK about it, he was horrible and responsible like that. And Charles didn't take a lot of convincing either, the little sissy.

Con took a moment to glare at the screen.

But when they had finished sweeping and dusting and beating the carpets and polishing all the silverware, Len suggested they all go out for a picnic. Even though with their combined house-cleaning efforts it had only taken them half an hour and it wasn't even time for morning tea yet. But everyone else latched on to the idea quickly - except for the talented and good-looking Con. She told everyone that she wanted to work on a story, a story which could only be an amazing masterpiece, because she was so incredibly talented. Her brothers and sisters were so awed by her majesty and beauty when she spoke that they all agreed to go out and leave her in peace and quiet. Especially Len, who wished she only had half the looks and talents that Con did.

Con wondered if maybe she wasn't laying it on a bit thick, but quickly dismissed the thought. Even if she was - which surely she wasn't - exaggerating her own abilities, it wasn't as though anyone would know it was actually her who was doing it.

Con had just settled herself down to begin her oeuvre when there came a knock at the door. Wondering who it could be, she went to answer it. To Con's surprise it was Reg. "Oh, hello Reg," she said, in her talented and good-looking voice. "I'm afraid that Len isn't here right now."

"Oh Con," Reg said, and Con noticed a deep yearning in his voice. "Screw Len! It is you I want! I have been dazzled by your amazingly talent-filled writing skills and your deep, soulful beauty. And your inner beauty too!" And before Con could say anything he had taken her in his strong, manly, doctor-like arms and kissed her. She could feel his powerful chest against her body and knew, at that instant, that there was no flood that he wouldn't rescue her from. "Con," he murmured softly against her hair. "Oh, Con, Con, Con, Con -

"Con!" That was Mama's voice. Con glanced at her watch and realised that she'd been writing for the best part of an hour. She hastily finished her sentence, clicked "Submit", shut her laptop lid, and raced out the room to see what her mother wanted.

She hadn't considered that making this particular story a communal one was rather a bad idea.

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