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The title says it all, really.  A short story about the time Jo made a Shepherd's pie for Jack, using a slightly innovative ingredient.

New chapter added: 23/8/11

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Genre: Domestic, Humour
Series: Jo & Jack
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Published: 05 Jun 2011 Updated: 23 Aug 2011

1. Dinner by Vick [Reviews - 4] (513 words)

2. A Game of Scrabble by Vick [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstar (561 words)

This piece of randomness is inspired by the 2 games of Scrabble I was playing earlier with Kathryn and the banter that went alongside it.  I thought it would make a good sequel to the pie.

3. What happened the next day. by Vick [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1551 words)

So.... I had a very random conversation with Abi & Kathryn last night involving many sharp pointy things and  a plot bunny.  I thought I was safe, but obviously not...

*Sighs and rolls eyes at self*

I have left the sharp pointy things bunny to Kathryn & Abi to deal with, but the other one latched onto me and here is the result.