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Disaster struck for Hilda and Nell not long after the birth of the new baby when they both found themselves indicted for tax fraud and forbidden to go anywhere near the set while investigations took place. The quickly cooked up a storyline where they were both in an accident that prevented them from coming back to school. The accident was set far enough away that the young woman couldn’t come and visit them and to make her more needed on the set they also involved some of the other actors who played mistress’ at the school. For good measure there was also an injury the young woman’s sister’s youngest child so that she would not be able to return to the school either. It would all rest on the young woman.

They sent a good friend of theirs in to play the part of the new headmistress and instructed her to make life difficult for the young woman as she could. She was to change the way in which the school was to be run and to keep the young woman busy. The viewers loved it and they also loved the court case that was televised daily on the news involving Hilda and Nell. It was the biggest scandal of the year and you could not go anywhere without hearing the people discussing the goings on of both the young woman and of Hilda and Nell.

Nell managed to get herself cleared of the quickly and came racing back to the school. She quickly instigated herself as head and calmed the young woman down. Hilda was not at happy woman. Her case was far more complex and looked like it would take at least a year to sort out and it found guilty she was facing serious time in jail. And to top it all off she knew that if she somehow managed to get acquitted she knew that she would have trouble getting Nell out of the head’s chair.

The young woman had quite a peaceful time while Hilda was fighting her charges. She was called in again to the school to help with a young cello genius and then was sent on a holiday with three of her old school friends and their families. The holiday was in part an excuse to get her away from the school while investigators were there. Viewers had loved the change of pace and enjoyed catching up with the three friends again. There also just happened to be a beautiful young invalid and an unruly young boy in the village where they were staying. Naturally they had turned to the young woman for help and the invalid then fell in love with her own doctor whilst the unruly boy had been sent off to school by the young woman and doctor. To spice it all up a bit Nell, enjoying being able to make decisions on her own, had also added a gang of thieves sent to steal an expensive cello from the invalid.

Hilda, in the meantime, had been fighting tooth and nail to avoid being sent to prison. As one of the most famous and wealthy woman in the world she could not move without people recognising her and the paparazzi were waiting for her from the minute she left the hotel where she was staying to the minute she had returned. There had been two camps of people; those who wanted to see her rot in prison in payment for all that she had done to the young woman and the much larger group who wanted to see her acquitted so that she could continue to think up things to do to the young woman.

The court case began and the evidence looked had damning for Hilda. She was blaming it all on her accountant but he had struck a deal with prosecutors that gave him immunity if he turned over all his records and gave evidence against her. By the time all arguments had finished and closing statements had been heard it had looked certain that Hilda would go to prison for a long time. The only question remaining had been, how long? The court had erupted in uproar when the head juror had announced his finding of not guilty. The prosecutors had been furious. The jury had been questioned on if this were truly their finding. Only Hilda had remained quiet with a curious little smile on her face.  In the months after the trial the prosecutors had looked long and hard for any evidence that Hilda had tampered with the jury but they couldn’t find any.

Nell whilst Hilda’s trial was on had tried to take the spotlight of it as much as possible. The young woman’s brother was asked to return and as his fame had risen during the years it was a much anticipated return. It was also announced that he would make regular guest appearances. There had been a film star mystery, the wedding of the young invalid to her doctor, and rescues in the snow. The young woman was also once again pregnant.

When Hilda had returned triumphantly to the school the young woman had greeted her with open arms. Hilda had thanked Nell for a job well done and agreed to share the headship with her as a sign of her gratitude. Both of them knew exactly what job Hilda had been referring to.

The birth of another son had been a worrying time for everyone. The young woman did not cope as well with this pregnancy and it was a difficult delivery. So difficult in fact that they nearly had to move her to a modern hospital. Both Hilda and Nell, with memories of the prison cell in which they had been placed when first arrested had no desire to go back, gave the go ahead for this as a last resort but ordered if this was to happen she would have to be drugged first. The baby had luckily arrived safely and the young woman was none the wiser.

The next few years paced by relatively quietly with nothing major taking place with the young woman or the school. Viewers tuned in to see the antics of her growing family. The youngest triplet continued to be frail and frequently had temper tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. Hilda and Nell were frequent visitors to the house and always had time to spend alone with the little girl.  They had also kept a firm eye on the other children. By the time the triplets were seven there had been another young boy born and a new family with a young daughter had moved in as neighbours.

The phone rang causing Hilda to jump. It was Nell. She would be back that evening and was making sure that Hilda would be around. After a brief conversation Hilda hung up and went back to the emails she had been reading. Then the actress who played the school secretary stuck her head round the door and said that it was time for breakfast in the dining room Hilda sighed and made her way down. She wished not for the first time that she could have something other than milky coffee or hot milk to drink. Nell had it so much easier over at St Mildred’s. She could have what she wanted. Hilda dealt with various girls during the rest of the day, calling them to her study and reminding some of them about the exact terms of their contracts. When she threatened to cancel them if they didn’t do better the left her study with very red eyes and promises to do better. While some of the girls were in her study she couldn’t help but compare them to her biggest success, if you didn’t count the young woman who was undoubtedly her crowning achievement.

Hilda and Nell had decided that they needed someone to spice up the show a bit. A new person who could have adventures, hopefully sometimes with the, despite having six children, still young woman. But they knew that they would need someone special as they had intended to make her and her friends an integral part of the cast. They had needed someone who was confident but they had also needed someone who had enough problems that the young woman would feel the need to help her.

To try and find just the right person Hilda and Nell had come up with a new TV show. Thousands of young girls had been auditioned in cities around the UK and hopeful parents had flown their young daughters in from many countries around the globe. From each audition the judges, Hilda, Nell and Mabel Bubb, had picked a lucky few. The new girl would have to be well spoken, intelligent and willing to do just about anything. When they had the top one hundred girls they had then set about the process of whittling them down until there were only twelve had remained. The lucky few had then been put through a series of tests, which had steadily grown more challenging and dangerous. The final winner, who had been a standout since they had first seen her, had been a short, stocky young girl with bright blue eyes. She had been fearless and had not put a foot wrong through the whole process.

The young neighbour moved in with her mother and Gran and had quickly become acquainted the young woman and her family. By the time she had started to attend the school she was friends with the triplets and Hilda and Nell had instructed her to keep a firm eye on the youngest triplet. Despite being cast as a leader and directed to act that way she was in fact a natural leader and as the camera adored her she had gradually started to take over more and more of the action and girls who before this had been featured found their scenes being cut. She relished her power and as everyone knew that as she had the full support of Hilda and Nell, most were scared to cross her.

The death of the young neighbour’s father had come at a time when she was ill from overwork and as both her mother and gran were ill as well it was the young woman who had had to come to the rescue and help the young neighbour. After this the young woman began to mother the young neighbour, as her mother and gran were frequently ill. She even began to call her Auntie.

When the triplets began school Hilda and Nell had realised that there was a major problem they would have to address with the all of the young woman’s boys. How were they going to go to school? Hilda at one stage suggested that they set up a boys school as well and that Nell should become the head of that but Nell had quickly realised that as far as the young woman was concerned that this would put her out of any action and firmly to the side so she quickly squashed that idea. In the end they had decided that as with the youngest triplet they would tell the boys as soon as they were old enough to understand and then they would be sent away to boarding school as soon as they were old enough and would spend most of their time there.

The court case now far behind them Hilda and Nell had grown bored with life. It was far too peaceful. They hadn’t been able to think of anything to spice up the show that wasn’t too far-fetched or repetitive. There had been the usual schoolgirl pranks and the young woman had been called in to help with the usual problems. Hilda and Nell had been able to release albums for two talented music students but while critically acclaimed they did not appeal to the youth market as they were classical. They had started up a program to attract sporting stars and had gradually started to become regarded as a training centre for talented netball and tennis players.  Languages as per the school in the show were also a feature. But after the turmoil of the war and all the action and adventure that had come along with it life was tame. Ratings for the show had dropped and while the viewers where still interested in the young woman and her family they wanted more. Even the introduction of the young neighbour hadn’t been able to produce the type of adventures that they wanted.

Hilda and Nell had finally decided that the young woman was too happy. It had always been the dramatic or action scenes that had drawn the highest ratings. People had wanted to see the young woman struggling. Despite working long hours at the san she had been able to see her husband nearly everyday and their relationship had grown closer. She had six lovely children and she was able to visit her sister frequently. Her brother who had lived further away also appeared occasionally but even his appearances had begun to bore audiences. They had to do something and they had to do it quickly.

It had  been decided to move the location again. The school was going to move to an island, which would provide a backdrop for all sorts of new adventures, but to do this they had needed to move the young woman as well. Plumbing problems, which caused many girls to become ill, had been the official excuse for the school moving and they had invented problems with the foundations of the young woman’s house.  This had forced her to move and had therefore taken her out of her comfort zone. To compound matters they had also decided to send away the young’s woman’s sister to Canada.  After so many years on the show the sister had not been happy to be virtually written out and if she had realised that it was the beginning of the end for her character she would have been more ferocious with her complaints.

It had been Nell who had suggested the final change. She had heard from the young neighbour, who had become a confident for the youngest triplet, that the little girl had been talking about telling her mother what was going on. They decided to send her away with the young woman’s sister.  The little girl was included in the illness plotline and her father under pressure from Hilda and Nell was forced to tell the young woman that she needed to be sent away for her health.

The young woman had been devastated when Jack told her this news. It had taken over an hour of arguments from him to convince her that this was the best thing that she could do for her daughter’s sake. Even after agreeing she had had long talks with not only her sister but also with Hilda and Nell trying to get them to agree that she should not send her. Before she knew it, however, she had been waving goodbye to her youngest daughter.  

The youngest triplet had not though been sent to Canada. Instead Hilda and Nell had arranged for her to have tutoring, particularly in French. The young girl had been sad to be away from her family but her father had visited her when he could and bought along news and photos. She had sent letters home regularly.

It had been at the same time that her daughter had left that the school had moved to the island. Hilda and Nell had decided to delay the house foundations story a little bit because by moving the school earlier than the young woman, the two elder triplets would have to become boarders at the school. The young woman found herself suddenly with only her boys at home.

Viewers enjoyed the change of pace of the move to the island. The young neighbour was a prominent character and provided one of the best girls fights seen on TV that year. The island provided the girls at the school with opportunities for visits to a nearby bird sanctuary where a well known British naturalist was bought in to talk to the girls. Sales of his new book skyrocketed after the first visit so he was always keen to come back on the show. The girls enjoyed swimming and boating and a big regatta was held at the end of the term.

 The young woman came to visit more than once and was able to present the school with boats, which then helped to provide the big dramatic storyline for that term. The culmination of this storyline saw the young woman taking the bait and telling off the actress, who played the aunt of one of the schoolgirls, so ferociously that it left the poor woman in shock. Hilda and Nell and had just rubbed their hand in glee at all the extra publicity. They had then bought in the foundation storyline and moved the young woman to a new smaller house and had her teaching in the school.

That term had seen no end of adventures. They had paid the owners of the ferry to stage a shipwreck when the weather had gotten rough. This had left the young woman fearing for her life and then stranded at the school for days on end. There had been other near drowning involving the girls during the half term break and to top it all off at the end of this term Hilda and Nell planned for an accident with the oldest triplet.  They had known they were taking a calculated risk but had gone ahead with the idea anyway. They had set the oldest triplet on fire. There had been crew and paramedics standing by and the clothing had been specially treated but so much could have gone wrong. There had been another big shock that term as well. It was one that they hadn’t planned on and it had involved the middle triplet.

During the term there had been an incident with the middle triplet that had involved sleeping walking. This had not been the first time that she had sleepwalked but they could not find out what had been the cause. No one had been telling stories in the dormitories and they had not been eating anything strange.  Everyone was at a loss. Hilda and Nell didn’t mind too much as it made for interesting viewing but they did want to know what was causing it. Hilda had even thought that if they knew what triggered it then they may be able to utilise it.

Without Nell knowing, Hilda had called the middle triplet to her study and questioned her carefully. She had received a big surprise when the little girl had calmly stated that she had just wanted to be in on the action for once. Once it had become clear that she knew all about the show Hilda had been seriously angry. Who had told her? She vowed that the person who had told her would pay. She continued to question her and was stunned to hear that she had known about it for as long as she could remember. She hadn’t spoken to anyone about it and was usually quite happy to slip off into a little dream world when she didn’t want anyone to notice her. But sometimes she did, so she had decided to sleepwalk.

After these revelations Hilda had been in a quandary. Should she or should she not tell Nell? Reluctantly she had decided to tell her but only because she actually wanted to keep in Nell’s good books for a bit longer as her plans were not quite complete. Nell too had been shocked but then realised that there was nothing they could do about it and then she had announced that she had news that would make this pale into comparison.

Nell had been quite pale when she explained that the young doctor had been to see her and told her that he wanted to take the young woman away for a bit. He had said that they could send her to Canada to visit her sister. He had told Nell that there were to be no cameras unless he agreed. She needed a complete break from all they had put her through, especially as she was pregnant yet again. They would have to make do with antics from the school for a while.

Hilda had been furious and had demanded of Nell what gave him the right to ask all of this but she too had paled when Nell had handed over some photocopies and had seen that he had gathered evidence of Nell’s involvement in her trial.   They had both agreed that they would have to let the young doctor do as he wanted and sat down to make some plans. At least her pregnancy had stopped her from going out much and they could hire a ship filled with actors to take her over there, even if there was to be no cameras. They would have to set up somewhere for them to live and send her sister and her family over there as well. It would take a bit of work but it was doable. Once Nell had gone Hilda had had to go and rethink her plans regarding Nell. The young doctor had beaten her to the punch. 


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