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Hilda’s day was not improving. When her breakfast meeting had finished she had retired to her office to sort through her correspondence. Before she could start her phone started ring and as she listened to the voice on the other end her face darkened. This was not the news that she had been hoping to hear. After outlining the consequences of failing to do what she wanted to the caller she hung up and started massaging her temple. Her head was pounding. She wished that Nell was here so she could discuss the problems they were facing. Despite their rivalry over the years it was when they were together that they came up with their best ideas. Hilda searched her desk for some tablets and after taking them called her actual secretary and told her to cancel all appointments for the next couple of hours and sat back in her chair, eyes closed. Her mind kept racing though and she continued to be assailed by memories.

The young woman continued to write her books, despite having the triplets and a number of other people living with her. Her book on the escape from Austria hit number one the best sellers list and Hilda and Nell made a fortune from it. The Girl Guides were extremely grateful as due to them being featured on the show the number of girls wanting to become guides increased.

From the time she moved to Wales she had her triplets, her maid, the angelic little girl who was not so little anymore, two nieces of her brother in law and at various times friends of hers from school living with her. She also had her dog. This dog had been her companion since the second term at Tyrol but had been left behind in the escape from Austria. He had been reintroduced to the show  before they arrived in Wales,when it had been reported that he was pining away in an animal shelter for her. Even Hilda and Nell had found the negative publicity too much and quickly invented a highly implausible escape from Austria for him. His scenes with the growing triplets were delightful and the public were content again.

 The presence of so many girls in the house created an extra connection with the school and made sure that the young woman, who was missing her husband badly, was kept very busy.  The busiest of all though was her maid Anna. When it had been decided that the young woman would require a maid they bought in a young Austrian woman who had been one of the maids at the school in Tyrol Before starting her new position she was given extensive cooking and sewing lessons and shown how to clean. Help for the household was provided as often as possible with a crew on standby for whenever the young woman left the house, but there were many times when the maid actually had to cook, clean and sew. As one of the hardest working members of the cast she was also one of the highest paid.

A young man also hired to write letters to the young woman from other people who had been her friends while at school. This gave additional opportunities for the young woman to pop in to the school from time to time to give her news. Due the young woman’s determination to keep up with as many people as possible the letter writer was kept very busy. He was forced to keep a book with all the different writing styles and being scared of Nell and Hilda was very careful not to mix anyone or their handwriting up.

They continued to hire the most popular ex students as staff for the school. The public loved seeing them back and as they understood how the show worked it was easier for them to integrate.  Staff who came in without being on the show before found it much more difficult. It also helped to keep the young woman happy, as she was always so pleased to see her friends back. Nell and Hilda were wanted to keep the young woman happy for the present as they had some serious storylines planned that would really test the young woman.

When the triplets had been born, both Hilda and Nell had been delighted when the young woman had labelled her triplets with character traits and decided to all that they could to encourage them, especially the naughty one. But they were disappointed when the triplets, who had seemed identical to begin with, started to look different as they saw opportunities for them to create chaos disappearing. Hilda with fond memories of identical twins at her school was particularly annoyed.

After they had been in Wales for a while they realised that this time they may have made a mistake.  The war aside, there was not much they could really do to provide in the way the exciting storylines that had previously occurred. There were no high mountains to run off to or caves to get lost in. Nell kept coming up with all sorts of escapades that the young woman could participate in, with her along for the ride of course, but Hilda vetoed every single one of them. She made some excuses to Nell about not being able to change the course of the war but she was secretly quite jealous of the attention Nell had received over her adventures. So they would have to wait it out for a while and the reassess their next move.

The show was inundated with offers from companies to feature their products on the show and with their coffers a bit low after the expensive moving the show three times both Hilda and Nell jumped at the chance. While the young woman was not around the girls could be found carrying cans of coke while out walking and their new walking shoes were always Nike.  But the viewers reacted badly and so they were forced to pull most products although there was still some money to be found from companies who had been around since the Second World War or before.  

It happened out of the blue. It hadn't been planned but it led some wonderful tear jerking episodes. The youngest triplet came down with bronchitis and was severely ill. The young woman was beside herself with fear that something would happen to her daughter. Her husband was still overseas and she turned not only to her sister but also to Hilda and Nell for comfort.  The infant was actually removed from the set and taken to hospital, as there were fears of pneumonia. The infant’s condition was the lead story on news bulletins for a week as well as the lead story in all the papers. Hilda and Nell consulted lawyers to make sure they were covered in case the worst did happen. She was taken to the set of the new sanatorium and keep under observation there. When the young woman was there she was in one room but when she wasn’t there she was in a room with modern equipment receiving the best care that money could buy and even though she was only an infant and extremely ill one at that she did start to notice what was going on around her.

Hilda and Nell were alerted by the doctors that the infant seemed fascinated by the beeping machines around here. They asked the doctors if she actually need them but they were reluctant to take her away from them for too long. When the young woman visited there was always someone watching the live feed from the room ready to jump if the infant worsened. Either Hilda or Nell were also there whenever the young woman visited, although they were usually unseen by her. They had invested too much time and effort into the show to see it fall apart now. They had formulated a plan by which if the youngest triplet worsened and doctors had to come in someone would quickly inject the young woman with something that would cause her to lose consciousness and then they would tell her she had fainted with the strain of it all.

Fortunately this had never come to pass and the infant had recovered. The day the infant was sent home saw the public give a sigh of relief and they settled down to wait for the next drama to befall the young woman. The next year passed by quickly although not much happened in the world of the young woman. The war was still going on, so she lived quietly. She continued to write her books, missed her husband and got involved with various events at the school.

Throughout that year the young woman hovered over the infant scared that she was going to fall ill again and let her get away with behaviour that she didn’t tolerate in the other two girls. She had tantrums when things didn’t go her own way, which were quietly encourage by Hilda and Nell. The camera crews were encouraged to keep a close eye on the little girl and Hilda and Nell were concerned to learn that although she outwardly appeared to have few memories of her time in the hospital and she was frequently seen to be glancing around as though suspicious of something.  After about twelve months of this and after many arguments Hilda and Nell came to a momentous decision. They were going to tell the infant.

One day when the young woman went to visit some friends and left the triplets in the charge of the young Austrian maid Hilda and Nell came to visit. The other two triplets were sent out to play with the angelic girl but the youngest triplet was told that it was too cold for her. Her Auntie Hilda told her that she had a story to tell her so the infant had settle down on her lap and listened intently. The youngest triplet was a very clever little girl and when the story reached the part about triplets being born she had realised that Auntie Hilda was talking about her family. She was told she was a very special little girl and that she couldn’t tell her sisters or her mamma what she knew as it might upset them very much, but when her daddy came home she could talk about it with him.

Despite the medication Hilda’s headache worsened and she now felt extremely ill. She gave up all pretence of work and after cancelling the rest of her appointments for the day and declining the offer from secretary to get a doctor in for her she wearily made her way back to her room. The room was spinning round when she finally managed to lay down. Before leaving her office she had grabbed an ice pack from a concealed fridge and she now placed it across her forehead.  

When Hilda woke the next morning her headache had gone but she felt drained. She lay in bed for a while but eventually decided that she had to get up. A long hot shower helped her to feel ready to face the day ahead and she managed to eat a light breakfast. In her study she placed a call to Nell and told her that she had to get back to the Platz quickly as they had a lot they needed to discuss. Nell was not pleased to be summoned in this way and wanted to know why Hilda couldn’t just sort it out herself. Hilda sighed and briefly relayed what was going on. Nell swore vehemently, said she would be there as soon as she could and hung up. While waiting for her computer to boot up Hilda starting thinking again.

Things had continued on quietly for a while but the public wanted more. They missed the adventures and the air raids and bombs that had seemed so exciting at the beginning of the war had become boring for them.  So two young twins were introduced to the show and sent to stay with the young woman. Their clothing fascinated the audience but there were calls in some English speaking countries for their speech to be subtitled. They had a mysterious map with them and the public enjoyed the spy and second sight storyline.

An actress who had grown weary with her role of the continual bad girl who was never going to be redeemed asked to be released from her contract. This was incorporated into the spy story and she was expelled from the school. The young actress went on her way happily with good references from Hilda and Nell. In interviews post show the public were surprised to find she was nothing like her character and was in fact she was shown to be extremely sweet and caring, She had nothing but good things to say about the show and in future years was always in great demand at any sort of cast gathering.

Hilda still annoyed with the young doctor over his refusal to go along with their plans decided to kill him off. After all, the young woman had the triplets and it would make great viewing to see her struggle with her grief. It might also offer the chance for them to introduce a love interest a bit down the track. The episode with his death completely shocked the viewers, as they never expected it. Hilda and Nell had only realised the script containing the news just before the scene was shot to avoid any spoilers leaking out. The cast were also in shock. It was so completely unexpected.

The young woman fell apart completely at the news. She hid herself away and would have nothing to do with anyone, not even her children. No one could get through to her. She was a broken reed. Public anger began to mount and calls for the young doctor to return from the dead became stronger and stronger. Hilda and Nell quickly realised that unless they bought the young doctor back the show would not survive. But the young doctor was not so forgiving. He refused to come back unless he was given a pay rise and some input into the direction of the series. He also wanted a cut of the profits from the merchandising. Hurried negotiations took place in secret and with their backs in a corner Hilda and Nell struck a deal with the young doctor. The second sight storyline was then used again and it was announced that the young doctor had not actually died.

The young doctor came home again and the young woman was ecstatic to see him but the news that he had died had changed her forever. She was never again quite so carefree and girlish. The news caused her to grow up in many ways, that nothing before had ever done. Not long after the homecoming the young woman found herself pregnant again and this time gave birth to a boy. Hilda and Nell had decided that the distraction of being pregnant and the arrival of a new baby would help the young woman to forget about the unhappy events of the past year. It would also serve to mollify the viewers who had still not quite forgiven the pair for their intentions to kill off the young doctor. They again used IVF but this time it only resulted in the birth of a single boy. The episodes leading up to and after the birth led to some new t-shirts and other merchandise when the young woman accidently dyed herself green. 


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