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The whole project had nearly came undone at various times and there were complaints from some countries about the way it’s citizens were portrayed. Germany, in particular, was unhappy about the fact that it was one of their country women who was expelled. The young girl saw some cameras once but some quick thinking by two of the young actresses led her to believe that it was a film crew who was making a movie in the area.  The young girl also had to be watched constantly as even though she was in the fresh air of the alps she was still prone to becoming ill. Even the producers didn’t plan  for her to become as ill as often as she did. Ratings always went through the roof when it happened though. Tonics were prescribed for her and were laced with modern drugs to help her to recover. Throughout it all, however, she remained oblivious. She never questioned that so many odd occurrences happened. How she kept meeting the same fat German women or how young girls with no parents, absent parents or had bad parents kept turning up at the school or why so many of these children ended up living with her sister. She was happy in her little world.

A good looking young doctor was introduced to the show. He was to be the twin brother of a mistress and was intended as an eventual partner for the young girl. For one of the few times since they began the show Hilda and Nell hesitated. Could they marry off the young woman just for the sake of the show? What about children? As the young women got older would viewers want to watch her? But as Hilda and Nell had no intention of giving up their show they talked themselves out of their fears. The show that had made them both not only extremely wealthy women but also very powerful women.

So they held a series of lengthy auditions.There was no shortage of applicants for tthe role. The shortlisted actors had to undergo lengthy psychological testing and sign extremely rigid contracts. Even once he got the part the actor selected was told that it might all come to nothing if he had no chemistry with the young girl. Luckily once he met the young girl he found that they could talk easily and that she was  extremely refreshing from all the vapid actresses that he had been around in London.

As the end of the now young women’s school days approached Hilda and Nell worriedly had long debates about what direction they should take the series in. The young women had repeatedly stated a desire that all she wanted to do was become a writer but that she never wanted to get married. This wasn’t at all what the pair had planned or the public wanted. No one wanted to watch years of some women sitting at a desk writing. Neither would she be able to go to university as there was no way that they could control the filming conditions in that sort of environment. Lengthy meetings occurred with the result being that the young woman found the doctor appearing in her life more frequently. Public sentiment was on their side although young actors continued to submit their resumes in the hope that the producers might actually opt to go another way.

Two favourite characters from the early days of the school were bought back as mistresses of an Annexe that was to open up. One of them was a character that had come from the young girl’s home town and who often had differing opinions to the young girl so Hilda and Nell were hoping the fireworks might continue. Many of the youngest actresses, who were careless with their words and modern belongings suddenly found they had health problems and were removed to this annexe. The angelic young actress was also sent there but it was more to teach her or rather her parents a lesson. Her parents had started demanding more appearances for her and wanted the show to focus more on her. Aware of the public backlash that might follow if they got rid of her altogether they sent her away from the main action and limited her to guest appearances. They relented a bit when parents backed down and gave her a serious illness for the public to sympathise over. Once she had grown up though and her wild behaviour had on too many occasions caused problems and delays in production they wrote her out and she was never heard of again apart from one brief appearance.

The term following her graduation the young women came back to the school for a visit.  A planned illness at the Sonnalpe forced her to stay for longer but when she started to shut herself up writing sudden changes had to be made. Staff became ill which forced the young women to have to help out with some teaching. The young women continued to write in her free time and eventually copies of her book were published and sold as collector’s editions, although era appropriate ones were published as well to be used as props.  Hilda  took over as headmistress after the actress playing the head had an unexpected stroke. Nell complained for years afterwards that she should have taken the position as she had been on the show first and also she was the one who convinced Hilda to become a cast member, but Hilda just reminded her that she had won the hand of poker fairly and squarely and that it was all her own fault that she couldn’t tell when Hilda was bluffing.

They then moved the young women to a chalet at the side of the lake with her family for a few terms. The Chalet had belonged to a rival school that had been set up to create antagonism and competition for the main school. The rival school was quickly shut down and its characters absorbed into the school proper when it became clear that viewers while although happy to see the young women with her nieces and nephews still found her more enjoyable to watch in the school setting. Having the young women by the lake made it more plausible for her to drop in to the school. To keep the young woman involved they frequently had members of the school come to her for advice.  It never occurred the  young woman why she was the only one who could solve all these problems. The move also kept the young woman away from the production offices at the Sonnalpe and made it easier for the producers to plan.

Still not ready to actually marry her off, Hilda and Nell cast another young man whose main aim was to pursue the young woman and try and convince her to marry him. The actor was secretly promised that if he could make this happen, he would be made a permanent cast member and get to marry her.   His chasing her round the Sonnalpe though made very amusing viewing and viewers were torn between the two suitors but it quickly became obvious who the young woman preferred.

To allow the young woman to escape her suitor, a trip to India planned. The actor who played her brother was bought back for this. He had just starred in a string of hit film and his fans were ecstatic to see him again. Hilda and Nell, despite having to pay a huge appearance fee, were rubbing their hands in glee over all the extra attention his appearance was generating and they sought to replace his costs in merchandising. A special boat was charted and filled with all sorts of interesting characters for the young woman to interact with. The young woman was sent away with the angelic girl, who had promised to be on her best behaviour if she could get a major storyline, to visit the young woman’s brother. Once in India the pair were spirited away to a hidden location that had been set up for them. The young woman found herself not allowed to wander any cities of India as her brother claimed it was too dangerous. To make up for this there were many parties and activities planned within the area where her brother was living and the young woman had a wonderful and came home happy and with a feeling that she had reconnected with her roots.

 During her time away, however, plans for major changes were afoot. It had been realised that World War Two was about to happen in their timeline and that Austria was going to be invaded by Germany. Hilda and Nell were excited. This was the chance to do something really big and exciting. An escape was planned. Excavators were bought in to dig a long tunnel and many cameras that could film in the dark were placed in its walls. An escape route to Switzerland was mapped and safety precautions were put in place. Casting took place for the new roles. This was going to be the biggest and most ambitious thing the show had seen.

Everything was ready by the time the young woman returned. She was allowed to settle back into her life and then the fun started. Almost everything went perfectly to plan. One thing they hadn’t banked on was that the young woman would fall into the young doctor’s arms at the end of a disastrous picnic. Not really expecting her to say yes a proposal was made and accepted. Hilda and Nell had celebrated with a large party for the cast and crew.  The world partied with them.

 The angelic actress played her part beautifully on the streets of Innsbruck. The mob scene was genuinely scary and the escape was the best thing that had been seen on the show ever. It proved to be so popular that it was played on TV every night for a week. The long trek to Switzerland proved difficult for both the cast and crew but their complaints were quashed by the large bonuses that they received. The cast  were also able to take advantage of food tables and conveniences set up for them where they stopped each night. They took full advantage of these while the young woman was sleeping. Make up was also applied to each person at these times to make it them appear more tired and strained than they were.

Nell got her own back on Hilda when she placed herself in the escape. She was the one to get the big action scene and she was sure that she would become even more popular than she was now, but   Hilda had got her own revenge by changing the wig from the ruffled and dirty hair that Nell was supposed to emerge from the tunnel wearing, to a white one. Nell’s horror at finding her hair had turned white was genuine. This was one thing that she wouldn’t be able to change.


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