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Author's Chapter Notes:

When I started this, I had forgotten that Nell Wilson had been sent to the Oberland this term to take on the Finishing Branch.  But I have kept her in here because she didn't want to miss such fun.

The Chalet School games mistress was out of commission.  Not long after the well incident, Anna Mieders tripped over a bucket and measured her length across a large area, as did Homer’s heroes in the Iliad, and was also removed to the San for treatment, which for some reason also consisted of cod-liver oil.

“What shall we do?” Miss Annersley demanded.

Everyone looked hopeless.

At this stage, the Chalet School was invaded by pirates and explorers.

“Barbecued billygoats!” said Captain Nancy of the Amazon, the Terror of the Seas.  “Where are we, anyway?”

Hilda Annersley gawped at her.

“The Chalet School, St.Briavel’s, Wales,” said Miss Wilson succinctly.

“Shiver my timbers!” said Captain Nancy.  “Well off course!  We were looking for Eldorado.”

Captain Nancy Blackett, W.R.N.S, was trying to pull herself and her crew together after a difficult war, and they had taken this opportunity to get together and back to the serious purpose of life, sailing and exploring.  Commander John Walker was in the Royal Navy, and Lieutenant Roger Walker was in the Merchant Navy.  But Captain Nancy had in her crew the Mates Susan Walker and Peggy Blackett, Able Seamen Titty Walker and Dorothea Callum, and Ship’s Not Such A Baby Bridget Walker.

“May I ask…” Hilda began.

“Sailing west over the misty seas…” Titty said vaguely.

“…we landed upon these uncharted shores,” said Dorothea with enthusiasm.

“And came to see what the natives were like,” said Captain Nancy.

“Natives?  Like?” Hilda asked faintly.

“Hostile or friendly,” Captain Nancy explained.

“Are you busy just now?” Bill asked casually.

“Shiver my timbers!” said Captain Nancy, but Mate Susan interrupted.

“Not awfully,” she admitted.  “Eldorado is our next stop, but we’ve a few days to spare while we take on stores.”

“Can any of you teach either games or domestic science?” Bill demanded.

“Susan’s jolly good at provisioning the expedition,” Captain Nancy admitted.

“Captain Nancy can teach anyone to sail,” Mate Peggy affirmed.

“Peggy is pretty good at hockey,” said her superior officer.

The crew of the Wild Cat was immediately pressed into service.


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