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Sitting down pointedly between Corney and Evvy, Hilary heaved a sigh and looked around her. “Just think, this time tomorrow we’ll have all had long hot baths and a proper meal!” she said grinning.

“Say, why is it okay for you to talk about baths and things but it wasn’t okay for me to?” put in Evadne, who was still aggrieved at her rude awakening and was thoroughly cross-patch as a result.

“Because this is different. This morning we were still in Tirol.  Now we’re in Switzerland and almost safe.”  Ignoring the glare she got in return, she continued, “What are you all most looking forward to?  For me, it has to be just being clean again!”

“Bed for me, definitely,” replied Jo. “If only to wake up and not find my hair full of pine needles!”

“Food for me!” This came from Cornelia. “Say, what wouldn’t you give for one of Karen’s stews right now? And some apfel strudel and sticky cakes and a good cup of coffee and…”

“I look forward most to getting to Guernsey and seeing Tante Guito and Onkel Jem again,” came a small voice, and they all looked at Robin.

Evadne sat up. “That’s hoping they’re even in Guernsey.  Do you think they got away from the Sonnalpe alright after all that happened? Who knows what Hitler’s goons may have done!”

At this, Robin’s eyes widened and filled with tears.  “Oh Evvy! You don’t think…”

“Of course she doesn’t!” Jo interrupted, glowering at Evadne. “Rob, come here my darling.  It’ll all be alright, you’ll see.  Madge’ll be in Guernsey just waiting for us to arrive,” she said as she hugged the younger girl to her, though she wasn’t entirely sure she believed it herself.

“Evvy, you ass!” hissed Hilary.  “What did you have to go and say that for?”

Stricken at upsetting Robin and still in a temper, Evadne snapped back, “I didn’t mean to upset her! I was just saying what we all thought!”

“Well next time keep it to yourself.  What’s wrong with you today anyway?  It’s not like you to be this foul!”

Evadne stood up. “Nothing’s wrong with me.  And I’d thank you to keep your opinions to yourself!” she retorted, and feeling thoroughly put-upon, she stalked off to sit on her own.

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