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Author's Chapter Notes:

An old friend has been in touch with Ofsted giving them good reason for their visit

John Connelly and Julia Verity grabbed Danish pastries and strong coffee and commenced their usual Monday morning meeting to discuss the week ahead.

"Bit of an odd one this week Julia, The Chalet School - girls boarding school in Armishire, Wales, came over here from Austria or somewhere, set up, not registered with us or anyone else and apparently providing the most peculiar education. Had a letter from some woman in Germany - Thelka something or other saying that its prudish, old fashioned and takes no care of health and safety at all - seems the girls have the most awful accidents and various doctors float about the place drugging them so they can't complain to their parents. Oh and the girls are often expected to teach each other and supervise lessons. It can't all be true surely perhaps she's got a grudge - she did mention she was an ex pupil. I thought we'd better prioritise it so we'll go there today and start inspecting tomorrow. I've cancelled all the other inspections this week as it sounds like it will take a lot of sorting out. They've been sent all our registration forms and preparation documents so hopefully that'll save a bit of time when get there."

Julia sat deep in thought for a moment or two "Surely it can't be that bad - if its true about the doctors we'll need to close it down at least temporarily. Did she say anything else?"

"Yes,the standard of learning is very low because lots of the lessons are conducted in languages the girls often can't speak properly themselves - she didn't expand though so no idea what she actually means."

"Hmmm perhaps because she's German and lessons were in English. Do you think we should post phone next week's inspections as well... may be as well and I'm sure none of the schools will mind a bit of extra time to prepare. Has a hotel been booked for us?"

"No, in fact we had a most polite letter from the head mistress a Miss Annersley inviting us to stay with them as long as required to finish our inspection. Not quite sure she's got the idea of us though as she says she's sure we'll have a lovely time and find lots of hints to pass onto other schools. She also said something about one of the old girls inviting us to tea to meet the triplets and perhaps we could visit the San to see the free bed whatever that means. She sounds a bit confused really which is rather concerning all things considered."

"Very odd, still I'm sure all will become clear -anyway lets finish this grab our bags and go. We can talk about this on the train. Certainly sounds like we are in for an interesting experience".

And so James and Julia took their bags full of forms and suitcases and made tracks to yet another school.


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