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Len stared at her books, frowning at but not really seeing the writing on the pages. Her flat mates had all gone out to their various appointments, laughing and joking at what the post had brought. It was Valentine’s day and they had all received cards, all, that is except her, and she was the supposedly engaged one yet no card.The others had noticed but had been polite, one even saying “its just the post, you will get one.” but would she, she wasn’t confident. She had sent a card to Reg, not quite sure it was the right thing for her to do, not quite sure that she actually loved him, even less sure that he loved her.

“Why not?” she wondered “why did she doubt it?” Well there had been his less than romantic proposal to start with, alright he had been in pain but a bit more effort wouldn’t have killed him. She had accepted it then but since coming to university had seen things that had opened her eyes to love and make her doubt what they had was love. Oh, she liked him well enough, but was that enough, was that as good as it gets? She’d seen her flatmates in love, the highs, the lows, the drama even and realised that she had never felt like that. Had they drifted into it, or even pushed into it? Was she a good catch for Reg, the daughter of the head of the San, she knew Joey was pleased, it meant she, Len, would marry a Doctor and live at the Platz. Why did so many of the mistresses marry doctors she wondered idly, there must be suitable males out there in different professions. Smiling slightly, she dismissed the thought and moved to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, she preferred tea these days after all those years of coffee. Standing warming her hands on the cup she stared out of the kitchen window. It wasn’t a great view of a brick wall but she was again lost in thought.

Was she expecting too much, she couldn’t remember her father doing the Valentine’s day thing but he was older, it wasn’t as popular then, but Reg was younger, surely he thought of it? She sighed, wondering about her love life wasn’t going to get that essay done, she’d better try to concentrate and get back to it.As she set her cup down on her desk there was a knock at the door, glad of the distraction she went to open it.

She was met by a large bunch of roses, then Reg peered round from behind them grinning “Surprise. “he said.

“Reg! What, how on earth are you here?”

“Been planning it for weeks. “He looked at her, put the roses down and took her in his arms, “even got your flat mates involved, that’s how I knew you would be in.”then he bent and gently kissed her “Are you pleased to see me?”

She nodded, realising that indeed she was, her doubts vanishing at his appearance.

“Good, then there’s one more thing I must do, made a bit of a hash of it the first time. “he gently took her hand and removed the engagement ring.

“What? “puzzled and slightly worried.

He knelt on one knee “I realise now that “like it then” or whatever it was I actually said was not the most romantic proposal for the woman I love. So Len, for the second time, I love you, I want to spend my life with you, grow old with you, you are my other half. Len, would you please do me the great honour of becoming my wife?” he looked slightly anxious as if he doubted the outcome.

With tears running down her face, all doubts resolved , she whispered “yes, yes please. “and tenderly he placed the ring on her finger.

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