502 - Bad Gateway by Minim

Felicity and friends try to visit Freudesheim...

Inspired by a 502 message.

Categories: St Clare's House Characters: Felicity Maynard, Jack Lambert, Minor character(s)
School Period: Future
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: None
Series: The Stapleton Sisters at the Chalet School
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1. Chapter 1 by Minim

Chapter 1 by Minim

Felicity Maynard and her two great friends Lucy Peters and Jean Morrison were crossing the grounds of the Chalet School, with their new friend and new girl Bethany Stapleton following. They were all heading to Freudesheim for afternoon tea. Although they still had plenty of time to spare, they wanted to get there early so Felicity could show off her home to Bethany.

"Here's the gate between the school and my home," Felicity said.

She tried to open it, but it wouldn't open. "What's wrong with it?" Felicity asked.

"Here, let me try," Jean said.

Try as she might, Jean could not force the gate open, and none of them were able to get through.

"What do we do now?" asked Bethany.

"We'll get Jack," Felicity said.

"But isn't Jack a Prefect now?" Lucy asked.

"So what if she is?"

"A Prefect's not going to bother about a group of twelve year olds," Lucy countered. "They're Big Girls,"

"Jack's not like that!" objected Felicity, fiercely.

Remembering about Felicity's hero-worship of Jack Lambert, Lucy wisely withdrew from saying anything more about it. "We'll wait here while you find Jack," she said, indicating Bethany.

"Okay," Felicity said, then she looked around nervously. 'Okay' was considered slang and she didn't want to get caught saying it. "Come on, Jean,"

Felicity and Jean headed through the school up to where Jack was - the Prefect's Room. Knocking on the door, they entered and went straight for Jack, and explained the situation.

"So you want me to open the gate for you?" the two girls nodded. "Go back to the gate, then, and I'll be with you in a minute,"


"And of course, the water went all over the place, but most of it ended up on Fliss," Lucy said. "She looked a sight, I can tell you!"

"I can imagine!" Bethany replied. "Go on,"

"She enters the garage, where Jack was, and handed the bucket of water, which now was half-empty, to Jack. Jack just stares at her. Felicity hadn't yet realised she'd covered herself with water, so she asks 'What's this all about?' Jack looks down her, sees there's water dripping off Fliss, and snorts. Then she takes the bucket, and just says 'I guess the garden's got a good watering,'"

Bethany giggled.

"Hey," Felicity said, returning with Jean.

Lucy and Bethany both giggled.

"What's all this about?" asked Felicity.

The giggling girls laughed even more. "I don't believe you want to know," Jean said.

"I guess not," Felicity replied.

Fortunately, by the time that Jack arrived, the girls had managed to sober up. Jack tried opening the gate, and failing to do so, she inspected it.

"Looks like it's been waxed," Jack was glad the girls couldn't see her expression. "Probably just some Fourth Formers having a laugh. "I'll deal with this, you four just go round the front for now,"

The foursome did so, moaning about the gate as they went. They had to wait at the front of Freudesheim until Jo answered the door.

"Oh, hello," Joey said. "Why did you come round the front?"

"The gate was waxed," Felicity explained.

"Oh," Joey replied. "Well, come through. There's tea, some cakes, some of Anna's gorgeous lemon biscuits..."


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