An Immortal at the Chalet School by whitequeen
Summary: An Immortal attends the Chalet School, for reasons of her own.
Categories: St Scholastika's House Characters: Minor character(s)
School Period: Tyrol
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Crossover
Series: None
Chapters: 13 Completed: Yes Word count: 6079 Read: 30875 Published: 14 Oct 2011 Updated: 30 Oct 2011
Chapter 6: Looking for Fun by whitequeen
The following day it rained, and the day after that as well. The girls grumbled about not being able to go outside. I didn’t mind so much. When we had free time, I sat in the common room with a book, but it was only so that I could catch a moment to think. The previous night had brought a series of interesting dreams that I wanted to run through some more; completely inappropriate, of course, but they weren’t exactly available for censorship...

“Put that away and listen!” Cornelia snatched the book out of my hand. She was pacing the common room, attended by her usual loyal band. “Sorry, I can see it’s a good book from that smile on your face, but this is important.”
I listened and didn’t correct her. She put the book down and glanced around.

“We need to do something to liven things up around here,” she proclaimed. “Everyone’s bored and miserable because of this rain.”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked cautiously. Was this the kind of fun Adam meant?

Corney sighed impatiently. “I don’t know yet.”

“A midnight?” Ilonka suggested, but was shouted down.
Apparently the only thing that would achieve would be to have everyone dosed vilely by Matron.

“I guess we’d all better give it some thought,” said Corney at last, as the bell rang. “Just you have something to suggest when we get back here.”

I tried to obey her command as we went out, summoned to Hall for dancing. But just what did schoolgirls do to liven things up? I couldn’t think of anything that I thought Corney and the others would pass.

A lively tune began on the piano and we started to organise ourselves into partners. I could see Cornelia still frowning, deep in thought. I danced the first with Ilonka, and the next time I caught sight of Corney, she’d stopped frowning and was smiling wickedly instead.

“Corney has an idea,” murmured Ilonka, who saw the same thing.

“I wonder what it is?”

“We shall have to wait to find out.”

Cornelia gave both of us a meaningful look as she whirled past. I was curious to know what was going through her mind. Whatever it was, it was probably what I needed to allay people’s concerns about me.
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