Come Dine With Me :Complete! by emma t, Beecharmer

Cross Over and food tasting :) anyone welcome to take part - the more the merrier!

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School Period: Future
School Name: St Mildred's
Genre: Alternate Universe
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1. Chapter 1 First Guest by emma t

2. Chapter 2 by Beecharmer

3. Chapter 3 by emma t

4. Chapter 4 Some Yibble by emma t

5. Chapter 5 Kathie hosts her meal by emma t

6. Chapter 6 Final Night by emma t

Chapter 1 First Guest by emma t
Author's Notes:


 Today we shall be hosting in the Berenese Oberland. Four contests ready to have a show down and win that all important £1,000 prize for hosting the best dinner part - or worst - quoted the presenter of the show.


Here comes contestant number one, said the presenter (who remains nameless at this point in the show) and showing stunning scenery of the Swiss mountains. Joey Maynard; author and mother of eleven walked along the garden path to the school to borrow one of their maids. Anna; her maid was already slaving away at the pudding - trifle - adding the last few ingrediants, whilst the maid set the table.

  Joey Has one hour in which to prepare the other two of her courses; which provide no issues, having Anna and the maid on hand. A huge St Bernard dog comes bouding into the kitchen and snatches some of the main course from the table - toad in the hole. 'Does anyone else feel like she is taking the easy way out?' Sneered the presenter with a wicked chuckle.

  Joey checks to make sure her maids are not skiving, and has time to rush up to change into a plain white frock which has seen better days, and tied her hair in great big coils at the side of her head.

  She checks the starters which she has made herself (wonders will never cease) 'please see to check out how to make her melon fans with strawberry sauce of course!'

  The door bell rings and the first guest arrives. It is Emma t with a box of thorntons chocolates and a bottle of wine.Wearing jeans, a top and trainers.

  Or at least another realm, quoted Beecharmer, the presenter of the show.



End Notes:

*please feel free to join in!

Chapter 2 by Beecharmer
Author's Notes:
Here is a bit more to carry the story on a bit. Hope it works ok! Apologies to Kathie fans, but one of the rules on Come Dine with me is that the people are usually pretty awful to each other, usually get drunk and bitch, and really nosy in other people's houses.
Our new guest is a Miss Kathie Ferrars.

Kathie sits on a bed in Jo Maynard's Spare room.

"Have you seen the medicine cabinet in there?" she says, pointing to Jo's bathroom. "Enough tranquilisers to drug a horse. No wonder she seems quite mad a lot of the time."

Kathie unrolls the scroll with Jo's menu on.

"Hmmm... " she says. "Melon fans ala fruit sauce. Not exactly challenging, perhaps she is going to suprise us though, you never know...

Kathie lives at the nearby Private Boarding School. She has ambitous plans for when it is her turn.

"I have been given permission to use the Dommi Sci kitchen" she gushes. " I am just hoping that they have got the smell of sulpher out of it after a little mix up last week!"


Downstairs, the party preparation nearly grinds to a halt when Jo's dog Bruno decides to join in.

"He really is a scamp" says Jo, removing a slice of melon from his mouth, washing it under the tap and placing it back on a plate.

Jo has a tiny panic when she realises that her helpers have not reminded her what she needs to do with the meat for the main course. She smiles and tries not to show the fact that she had been relying on the starter being the only thing she had to make. Now she is going to have to cook her own meal, which doesn't fit in with her plan to do one person tableaux for her guests to guess in between courses. She opens a bottle of wine while she prepares, and is well through it before long.

Meanwhile, emma t and Kathie F are sitting in the Salon, nervous about meeting the fourth host/guest. Since emma t doesn't drink, Kathie is getting stuck into a further bottle of wine with a will, and she seems to be enjoying it.

Finally Jo is able to join them, looking slightky red faced and flustered.

A knock on the door made them all jump.

Who else will be joining this game? They are all in it to win 1000, and of course to have the honour of being the best host or hostess on the platz.
Chapter 3 by emma t

The door bell rang again, and Joey goes to answer it. Hilda, head mistress of the Chalet School is there, prim and proper, and not a hair out of place. She hands over a bottle of whisky to Joey who looks at it with distaste.

'How could you?' She said to the guest and reluctantly accepts the gift.


Emma T is trying not to feel sick at the site of the dog trying to eat the melon, which is now being put back in the kitchen. Diet coke is offered as a substiute to drink, and she takes  a gulp to steady her nerves. The next guest is brought in and introductions take place. Emma smiles grimly, wondering what on earth she has let herself in for, whilst Kathy is getting very drunk with a bottle of wine.

  'Joey really is a brilliant cook,' said Hilda, not sounding very convincing.

  This was supposed to be about strangers meeting for the first time, and these people already seem to know each other. Emma dared to take a swig of wine, feeling she needs it.

  Joey, still rather red in the face, came back into the room to announce that the first course was ready, complete and served by Anna.

  Hilda and Kathie fought over where they were going to sit, much to Joey's amusement. Bruno bounded into join the fray and made off with more melon. He seemed to be enjoying himself more than the guests.

  Tensions mount as they look at their meagre portions of melon, wondering which one has been in Bruno's mouth....


That £1,0000 prize is still up for grabs.

Chapter 4 Some Yibble by emma t

'I do not like the way Joey is running her household,' said Kathie as she sits in a room on her own. 'The dog should be no-where near that food!'

Meanwhle Hilda is desperatly trying to keep a straight face at the sight of Joey singing a song - badly - once she was the school's Prima Donna.

  'The entertainment was awful; conversation just as bad, therefore I give Joey Maynard a 6 out of 10,' commented Nancy as she made her way home. 'That and the sarcasm!'

  Kathie too, was doing her voting whilst in the private room, and Hilda joined her. They both gave her a  measly 3 out of 10. Kathie giggled, realising that they did the worst thing possible and go against a co-owner of the school.

  The dog came bounding in as well as several of the Maynard brood, said the presenter with a hint of sarcasm.

  Emma T is also voting - and gave Joey a 1 out of 10. 'Terrrible!' She said to herself, feeling like an outsider all the way through the meal; inspite of the wine and diet coke which was flowing freely.

  So Joey scores an unlucky 13 out of 30 - who knows what will happen on the next show on Come Dine With me? The presenter is saying as the not-so-strangers now go home. However, will Nancy and Hilda or Nancy and Kathie meet up afterwards?

The 1,000 is still up for grabs!

Chapter 5 Kathie hosts her meal by emma t

Day two of our week in the Bernese Oberland. It is the turn of Geography Mistress Kathis Ferrars to host the meal, and she is already stressing madly in the kitchen; enlisting the help of Karen the cook. Does any one else think that there is rather alot of cheating going on here?

  She rushes out for a last minute shop having forgotten a vital ingrediant - chocolate- which will be the dessert. Definitly some cheating going on there muses the presenter.

  'Soup - tomotoe and herb for starter; sausage and cherry tomatoe casserole then chocolate to finish,' said Emma T to herself as she looks over the menu. 'Interesting.' Emma T was the odd one out, never having been neither a pupil, nor mistress at the Chalet School, but a complete outsider.

  'I quite like the idea of the casserole!' Joey Maynard said as she hopped and skipped her way across to the school to be the first guest  to arrive.

  She is recieved by one of the maids, and is escorted to the goegraphy room where Kathy Ferrars is busy making adjustments to the table settings.

  'Greetings, Kathis!' Said Joey handing her a bottle of red wine.

  Kathie took a swig of the wine as soon as it was handed over. This was going to be a long night!

  Next to arrive was Hilda, and she was wearing a long, black evening dress, followed by Nell who was wearing black trousers, and a bright red top. Kathie was in a short black number, with rather alot of flesh showing. Nell did not no where to put her face.

  Emma T arrrived last, to her desmay. She had got the times wrong for they were already tucking into the first course. So the soup was freezing cold, as Kathie had not put it back in the kitchen - the kitchen being too far.

  'Iced soup, darling!' Said Hilda as Emma T slid into her seat. She grimaced, and just ate the bread.

  The following course was a success, and so was the chocolate. Kathie proceeded them into playing paper games as their entertainment, and the voting was done in secret as usual - the max of points came to a rather galliant 17 out of 25.

  So who was going to win? Until next time...

Chapter 6 Final Night by emma t

It is day three of our visit to the Bernese Oberland. We have seen ST Bernards try to eat the guest's food; people cheating by using maids and cooks to cook the meal they are meant to cook themselves; and some rediculous entertainment. Emma T has pulled out; so now it is the final dinner party of the week; hosted by Hilda Annersley, who is Head of The Chalet School. Again she will be hosting her dinner at the school, but in the Annex, so there is a strong smell of bleach for it is for sick people.

  First to arrive are Nancy and Kathie together. They are holding hands, and not at all bothered when their head raises her eye brows at them. She greets them and ushers them inside. Joey is late by an hour, for one of the second twins is teething and has cut a tooth so she is tied up.

  'I am sorry, but young Geoff decided he needed attention,' she said breathlessly and plonked herself down on a vacant chair. 'Mmmm, leak soup, smells very good!'

  Hilda raises another brow at the language, then provides a roast beef dinner as the main course. There is alot of laughter at past legends of the Chalet School; and Joey was the center peice of them all - of course.

  'Oh and  Nancy and I are an item!' Declared Kathie.

  Joey chuckled. 'Ha ha, my dear, that is where your toes turn in! I have known for ages. I saw you kissing at the back of the school one day last week!'

  The two turned red. Hilda choked on the wine and Kathie gave her a good slap on her back, until the tears ran down her face,

  Pudding came next - a pink fluffy mixture - probably angel delight - with chocolate sprinkles on the top. Nancy did not eat hers, preferring a huge glass of wine.

  They took time out to rout through Hilda's wardrobe - and drawers. Kathie pulled out a big pair of bloomers, and Nancy very nearly spilt her wine on the bed spread.

  Voting came next - and Hilda won the £1,000 which she announced would go to the Sanatorium . This was met with loud cheers and approval from the rest. They then parted company.


The End


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