A Promise by morganmuffle

Dick Bettany makes a promise.

Categories: St Agnes' House Characters: Dick Bettany
School Period: Prequel/Taverton
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Genre: Angst, Family
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1. Chapter 1 by morganmuffle

Chapter 1 by morganmuffle


The chaplain had tried to convince him not to come, he said a funeral was no place for a child, but Dick wouldn’t listen. Madge could stay home and look after their frail baby sister but he had to be there.

His nails dug into his tightly clenched fists as he stared at the coffin. When their mother had died he had understood she was too tired but he couldn’t understand why his father had left them. As the service flowed over him Dick made a promise that whatever happened he at least would always be there for his sisters.


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