The Terror of the Seas Goes to the Chalet School with some Shocks by Pie-faced loon

During Shocks for the Chalet School, the crew of the Wild Cat turn up on the Island and join the staff.

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School Period: St Briavel's
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Adventure, Crossover, Humour
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Story Notes:

Having read about the Amazon pirates becoming Chalet girls (in one case with the rest of the crew) by Nightwing and someone else whose name escapes me at this time, it occurred to me what would happen if they were on the Staff.  Shocks was a good scene in which to insert them, following Peggy Burnett's well accident.

Thanks to crm for typing up the accient itself, which I have cut and pasted to set the scene.

1. Chapter 1 - Setting the Scene by Pie-faced loon

2. Chapter 2 - Pressganged by Pie-faced loon

3. Chapter 3 - Teaching? by Pie-faced loon

4. Chapter 4 - Effects by Pie-faced loon

5. Chapter 5 - Quicksand by Pie-faced loon

6. Chapter 6 - Shocks for the Abbess by Pie-faced loon

7. Chapter 7 - More Effects by Pie-faced loon

8. Chapter 8 - Rescue by Pie-faced loon

9. Chapter 9 - Lessons by Pie-faced loon

10. Chapter 10 - Sunday Service by Pie-faced loon

11. Chapter 11 - Alarming News by Pie-faced loon

12. Chapter 12 - A Cunning Plan by Pie-faced loon

13. Chapter 13 - A Higher Authority by Pie-faced loon

14. Chapter 14 - Epilogue by Pie-faced loon

Chapter 1 - Setting the Scene by Pie-faced loon


Miss Burnett uttered an exclamation and ploughed over the bed to the rescue, shouting, 'Stand still, you little featherhead! I'll free you in a moment.'

She was almost on top of some Madonna lilies and, to avoid them, she took a leap over them and - vanished into the earth with a startled yell.

'It - it must have been an - an earthquake!' quavered Emerence who had once spent a summer holiday in the thermal regions of New Zealand.

'Don't talk nonsense, whoever that is!' came in sepulchral tones from the ground, causing them all to take a backward leap with wild shrieks. 'It's some sort of old pit or well that has been filled in and the heavy rain has loosened the earth and my jumping on it has caused the whole thing to subside. That's all it is. Now one of you go and find Miss Everett and ask her to come here. And the rest of you don't dare to come within a yard of the place. You're sending mud and weeds right down on top of me.'

Verity-Anne, farthest away from the hole, went scudding off to the rock garden where she found Miss Everett, helped by some of the Fifth, busily cutting down hollyhocks and delphiniums.

'Please, Miss Everett, come at once!' she panted. 'Miss Burnett has fallen into the pit!'

'What?' Miss Everett straightened up and stared, as well she might at this highly dramatic statement.

'The pit - Miss Burnett's fallen into it and she sent me for you!'

'What pit?' Miss Everett demanded, wondering if this were a misguided attempt at humour on the part of Verity-Anne, though why she should have suspected that rather humourless young lady of such a thing, it is hard to say.

'The one in our garden bed - just beside the roses. Mary-Lou got caught in the thorns and Miss Burnett ran to help her, and she jumped and then she - she just vanished and she says it's a pit and we were to fetch you.' Verity-Anne put things into a nutshell.

Miss Everett glanced round her own helpers who were standing listening open-mouthed to this story. 'Katharine, Blossom and Hilary, run to the glasshouses and bring Griffiths. You can tell him what has happened. Lala Winterton, you go to the gym and bring me some of the ropes. You go with her, Meg. Elinor, Hilda and Amy, you go and find Jenks - I think he's at work in the orchard - and ask him to bring the longest apple-ladder. Move, all of you! - Oh, Betsy Lucy, you run and find Matron. Take Verity-Anne with you to tell her what has happened. Miss Burnett may have hurt herself, so Matron had better be prepared. And that reminds me, some of you Rangers had better go and bring one of your First Aid stretchers in case she's sprained her ankle and can't walk. The rest come with me.'

Miss Everett tore over the ground at top speed, rather nervous about what she might find at the scene of the accident. She arrived at the great square bed to find the younger girls huddled at a little distance from its centre and all looking scared out of their wits.

'Come off that bed at once and all of you keep on the path!' she ordered.

The frightened Middles did as they were told while she herself, picking her way cautiously, reached the great hole she could see in front of the rose bushes. Arrived there, she knelt down.

'Are you all right, Burnett?' she demanded, forgetting her audience in the exigency of the moment.

Greatly to her relief, Peggy Burnett replied, 'Well, I'm not exactly comfortable. I rather think I've ricked an ankle and it's damp and chilly down here, but I'm neither killed nor seriously injured as your voice seems to imply. I shan't be sorry to get out, though. There's a tiny oozing of water coming from just below me, so I gather I've fallen into an old well that's been filled up some time and the spring, or whatever it is, is beginning to function again.'

'I've sent for ropes, ladders, Griffith and Jenks, so we'll soon have you out of that.'

'I'm glad to hear it,' Peggy Burnett's voice was still cheerful but rather faint, and Miss Everett guessed that her ankle was hurting her pretty badly.

'I've sent to Matron, too, so she'll be ready to fix your ankle as soon as we can get you out - and that won't be long now,' she added. 'Here come the men and the apple-ladder.'

Griffiths…roped the ladder and then, with the help of Jenks, carefully lowered it. Once it was in position, Miss Everett went down it to find Miss Burnett, looking very white in the dim twilight of the well, leaning up against the wall with one foot doubled under her. There was a small puddle beneath her and when Miss Everett set her hand against the wall, she could feel drops slowly forming and oozing down.

'Well, we must get you out of this,' she said briskly. 'Let me see what I can do about that ankle. It's somewhat difficult, considering the restricted space.'

'It's rather painful,' Peggy Burnett said faintly.

'I'll strap it up with my hanky,' Miss Everett replied, pulling an enormous bandana like a small table-cloth from her breeches' pocket. 'Then I'll go up again and Griffiths and Jenks can come down and carry you up. Now don't begin fainting about here, please. There just isn't time or room for it.'

'As if I'd be such a goop as to faint!' Miss Burnett retorted indignantly. 'I must say, Everett, you're a complete mutt if - Ow!' For Miss Everett had taken advantage of her annoyance to draw the twisted foot from under her and the pain had been excruciating for the moment.

Miss Everett hurried up the ladder and spoke a few words to Griffiths.

He nodded when he heard of the water. 'I'll go down, Miss. Jenks and you can steady the ladder. It'll be safer with one and she's small-like and I can handle her. I'm a fireman voluntary aid in me off time,' he added with pride. 'I knows the drill as you might say.'

Matron, having revived Miss Burnett, ordered the more practiced of the Rangers to pick up the stretcher and bring it to the San.


End Notes:

Scene set, again thanks to crm.  Now for some shocks.

Chapter 2 - Pressganged by Pie-faced loon
Author's Notes:

When I started this, I had forgotten that Nell Wilson had been sent to the Oberland this term to take on the Finishing Branch.  But I have kept her in here because she didn't want to miss such fun.

The Chalet School games mistress was out of commission.  Not long after the well incident, Anna Mieders tripped over a bucket and measured her length across a large area, as did Homer’s heroes in the Iliad, and was also removed to the San for treatment, which for some reason also consisted of cod-liver oil.

“What shall we do?” Miss Annersley demanded.

Everyone looked hopeless.

At this stage, the Chalet School was invaded by pirates and explorers.

“Barbecued billygoats!” said Captain Nancy of the Amazon, the Terror of the Seas.  “Where are we, anyway?”

Hilda Annersley gawped at her.

“The Chalet School, St.Briavel’s, Wales,” said Miss Wilson succinctly.

“Shiver my timbers!” said Captain Nancy.  “Well off course!  We were looking for Eldorado.”

Captain Nancy Blackett, W.R.N.S, was trying to pull herself and her crew together after a difficult war, and they had taken this opportunity to get together and back to the serious purpose of life, sailing and exploring.  Commander John Walker was in the Royal Navy, and Lieutenant Roger Walker was in the Merchant Navy.  But Captain Nancy had in her crew the Mates Susan Walker and Peggy Blackett, Able Seamen Titty Walker and Dorothea Callum, and Ship’s Not Such A Baby Bridget Walker.

“May I ask…” Hilda began.

“Sailing west over the misty seas…” Titty said vaguely.

“…we landed upon these uncharted shores,” said Dorothea with enthusiasm.

“And came to see what the natives were like,” said Captain Nancy.

“Natives?  Like?” Hilda asked faintly.

“Hostile or friendly,” Captain Nancy explained.

“Are you busy just now?” Bill asked casually.

“Shiver my timbers!” said Captain Nancy, but Mate Susan interrupted.

“Not awfully,” she admitted.  “Eldorado is our next stop, but we’ve a few days to spare while we take on stores.”

“Can any of you teach either games or domestic science?” Bill demanded.

“Susan’s jolly good at provisioning the expedition,” Captain Nancy admitted.

“Captain Nancy can teach anyone to sail,” Mate Peggy affirmed.

“Peggy is pretty good at hockey,” said her superior officer.

The crew of the Wild Cat was immediately pressed into service.


Chapter 3 - Teaching? by Pie-faced loon


“Great auks and little terns!” could be heard the following day.  “Pull, you sons of a sea dog, pull!”

The Chalet girls pulled, and wondered what on earth re the new Boating mistress’s language.

Second Mate Peggy Blackett did her best with this poor material.

“Shiver my timbers!” she said.  “Pass and shoot!  Not at the enemy, dash it!  Look, you’re the English, and you’re the Spanish Armada!  Now, the ball is the treasure, and the goal is safety.  Stop giving it to the enemy, you galoots!”

First Mate Susan Walker eyed the girls in a kindly disdain.

“That’s not the way to cut bread and butter,” she said firmly.  “And make sure the kettle is boiling properly before making the tea.”

The staff and school settled down to pemmican hash, and were either perplexed or delighted.

“So, Miss Blackett…” Miss Annersley began, before being nudged by Miss Wilson, “that is, Captain Nancy…how are your classes going?”

“Barbecued billygoats!” said Captain Nancy, “but I never saw a feebler lot of pirates!  They need some strong language to get them anywhere near battle-ready!”

Miss Annersley goggled, but Miss Wilson had the matter well in hand.

“Jolly good,” she remarked.  “A few days before the mast would do wonders for the lot.”

Captain Nancy agreed, and began on her baked apple.


End Notes:

By the way, I never did work out whether the Terror of the Seas was Captain Nancy or the Amazon.  I should be grateful for guidance here.

Chapter 4 - Effects by Pie-faced loon


The following day, Miss Annersley tripped over another bucket and measured her length and was taken, still, grey and to all appearance annoyed, to the San to be dosed with cod-liver oil.

The Able Seamen were pressed into service for some English literature.

“The Outlaw of the Broads…” read Dorothea to the excited Juniors.

Titty took the Middles down to the beach and re-enacted Robinson Crusoe with them.

Two days later, the staff came upon the Juniors and Middles cannibalising the Ship’s Not Such A Baby in the grounds, and attempted to rescue her, but Bridget Walker was very used to being roasted and eaten by this stage in her life, and suggested that they leave the thing well alone.

Three days after that, the prefects found Captain Nancy showing the Middles how to crawl through the undergrowth in order to sneak up on unfriendly natives.  A couple of blistering sentences later, the prefects retired swiftly to the safety of the foredeck, or rather, the prefects’ room, and goggled at each other.

The weekend came, and with it sailing expeditions on the Wild Cat for the prefects and Seniors, while Mate Susan took the Middles camping, and the Juniors were set to making hammocks out of rigging.

Three days later, Mary-Lou shivered her timbers and addressed Phil Craven as a galoot in clarion tones, and was pulled up for it by Mlle de Lachennais.

“Mais, ma petite…”

“Well, Mlle, she is a galoot, isn’t she?” Mary-Lou reasoned.

Mlle dodged the question, for actually she agreed.

“My child, still it is not kind to address your form mates so,” she said firmly.

And she set Mary-Lou to polishing up the brasses as a punishment.


Chapter 5 - Quicksand by Pie-faced loon


While the Abbess was out of commission, the prefects had their timbers shivered for them.

The prefects asked if they could take a stroll through the grounds.  They did this, and then finished off with a race through the hollow, where some of them found themselves sucked in by immemorial mud.  Bride, Tom and Primrose freed themselves quite easily, but Julie began to sink.

Tom went dashing for a rope and found the crew of the Wild Cat rigging their hammocks for the night.

“Sir!” said Tom, who had taken well to naval discipline.  For example, the doll’s house that year was being shaped as a houseboat.  With crocheted rigging.

“Report, sailor!” said Captain Nancy, seeing an adventure in the making.

“Quicksand, sir!  Swallowing one of our best men!”

“Jibbooms and bobstays!” said Captain Nancy.  “Mates, fetch the ropes and follow on.”

Mates Susan and Peggy found the ropes, and met the others at the bank.

They made a lasso, and dragged out the suffering seaman, chanting “yo, ho, heave, ho, O yo, ho, heave ho!”

Julie was dragged up the bank and put into a hammock which did duty as a stretcher.  They legged it up to the school and handed her off to Matey and Susan, who cleaned her up, shoved her in a hot bath, gave her milk laced with rum, and sang her to sleep with a few rousing choruses of What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor.

“Good work, men,” Captain Nancy said, and the prefects saluted and went off to report to Bill.


Chapter 6 - Shocks for the Abbess by Pie-faced loon


The Abbess was finally allowed downstairs again, and realised with a shock that there was a sudden very nautical air to the school.  People spoke of portholes instead of windows, gangways instead of corridors, and holystoning the decks instead of polishing the floors.  Hours of the day were referred to as things like eight bells of the forenoon watch, and Nell Wilson had an unholy gleam in her eye.  The other was covered by an eyepatch.



“Nell!  Why did you call me Admiral?”

“Well, sir, you’re in charge of the fleet, aren’t you?”

“And why are you wearing an eyepatch?”

“Emerence flung a piece of eight and caught me in the face with it,” Nell said ferociously.  She really only needed a blade in her teeth to look the part of pirate.  “I put her to walking the plank across the stream until the sharks took her.”

“Sharks?” Hilda whispered to herself, and betook herself to the safety of the Staffroom, hobbling on a crutch.

“Hello, me hearty!” Rosalie said cheerfully, at which Hilda reeled.  “Dispatches on the desk, rum in the glass, and a reign of terror by the Spanish Inquisition in the Lower Fourth.”

“The Spanish Inquisition!  Not the Spanish Armada?  I didn’t expect that!” Hilda protested.

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition,” Biddy hissed, and disappeared out of the porthole and up a rope with a knife in her teeth.

“And what’s this about sharks?” the Abbess demanded, thoroughly shaken up.

“Oh, Able Seaman Titty was showing the Juniors how to be sharks in the new stream, and they grabbed Emerence as she walked the plank and ate her,” Rosalie said, humming Blow the Man Down, Johnny, under her breath.

Hilda hobbled to her office, where she thought she would be safe, until she found a parrot in residence.


Chapter 7 - More Effects by Pie-faced loon


The Geography mistress, Miss Stephens, had gone down with an unheralded case of blackbeardiensis and was terrorising the San (and also had forced Matey to drink a gallon of cod-liver oil).

So Captain Nancy had taken over Geography (or Navigation and Treasure Hunting, as she called it).  She took the Middles treasure hunting and they found old Dai Lloyd’s treasure.

But the process had not been a one-way street, and Captain Nancy herself had been affected by the Chalet ethos.

“Spineless jellyfish!” she said.  “Stop quivering like a blancmange, dash it.  Are you pirates or what?  It’s just a skeleton!”

They took the skeleton back and gave it to Matey, who was a strange yellow colour, for the purposes of teaching Anatomy and Physiology.

Cherry Christie spent the next few days giving one-to-one training on Crutches 101: Use and Maintenance.

At this stage, Peggy Burnett had been allowed out of the San, or rather, broken out of her manacles by Poison Ivy Stephens, and she also hobbled through the school on a crutch, until the atmosphere affected her as well, and she put on her gardening breeches and Miss Everett’s bandana as a pirate headscarf, and demanded a glass of rum for an old sea dog.


Chapter 8 - Rescue by Pie-faced loon


Peg-leg Peg Burnett reported to the Admiral that Matey was in the San being terrorised, and the Admiral threw a nut at the parrot to shut it up and got the staff and prefects together and made a plan to rescue Matey from the reincarnation of Blackbeard, Speckled Ivy Stephens.

Nell’s eye gleamed, and she and Captain Nancy made their plans.

A diversion would be caused, and that by a crew under the command of Rosalie and Dorothea.  They grabbed a barrel of cod-liver oil and carried it up to the San, leaving it in Matey’s office.

Speckled Ivy smelt it, and made an instant dash for it, when they allowed her into the office and barricaded the door behind her.

Bill then dashed into the room, along with her crew, and hung a rope out of the porthole.  Captain Nancy and her lot, with Tom and Bride, swarmed up it, and they set themselves to unfastening Matey.

The Wild Cat ethos was never to cut a knot, if possible, but Matey had been done up in a cocoon-like swarm of ropes, something like a 3D spider’s web, and it took them several hours to unknot the thing, though they passed a bottle of rum through followed by some hard tack, which revived Matey while she waited.

But they still had some way to go, when Speckled Ivy seemed to realise she was being imprisoned, and went insane(er) and waved a carving knife at the rescue party.

They grabbed the bundle of Matey and the ropes, and lowered her from the porthole, Captain Nancy and crew following, and grabbed her and took her to the Staffroom to complete the operation.

Nell lingered only to unfasten the rope and draw it up, and then the San was evacuated.

Speckled Ivy charged out of the office, bounced off the walls, and then found another bottle of rum and more hardtack, and settled down to a feast, which enabled the rest to get away safely.

They handed the thing to Mlle who, being needlework mistress, was used to unravelling knotted materials, and went and dug up some of the garden, looking for buried treasure.


Chapter 9 - Lessons by Pie-faced loon


“If it takes three pirates six hours to bury a hoard,” demanded Slayer Slater in class, “how long will it take five pirates to bury a hoard two and a half times as large?”

The Upper Fourth worked this out with enthusiasm.

Dread Derwent had set the Sixths an essay on Cultural Diversity and its Effects on Piracy: Beneficial or Bad.

Mate Peggy was showing the Fifths how to swarm up the rigging in the Gym with a knife in one’s teeth.

Mate Susan was showing the Second how to catch and clean fish before frying them over campfires.

The Lower Fourth were on the Wild Cat, learning navigation with Captain Nancy.

Everett the Evil was pruning roses with the First, cutlasses in hand.

And Black Bill was making gunpowder in the lab with the Third.

Later, they all went to the Hall, and Sinister Sal Denny and Treacherous Teddy Edwards showed them how to dance a hornpipe to the playing of Lefty Lawrence.

Hilda was trying to teach the parrot some Shakespeare.

“Is this a dagger I see before me?” she said.

“Pieces of eight!”

“Damn this parrot,” sighed the Headmistress and turned to her dispatches.


Chapter 10 - Sunday Service by Pie-faced loon


Three days later, at inspection, Hilda surveyed her crew with satisfaction.  They were all very shipshape and Bristol fashion.  The prefects looked very trig in gardening breeches and blouses and bandanas, the Middles were unusually tidy, for they had been addressed in bluff nautical language which saw them smarten up instantly, and the Juniors were following on with enthusiasm.

The staff also wore breeches and blouses, but in their case had topped the thing off with waistcoats.

“Now,” said the Admiral, “a bit of the Good Book,” and was interrupted by the parrot on her shoulder shrieking “Pieces of eight!  Pieces of eight!”

“Damn and blast the parrot,” Hilda growled to Bill.  “Are you sure I have to have one?”

“Damn right, sir,” said Black Bill, commander of the S.S. Chalet.

“Pining for the fjords!” shrieked the parrot.  “Pining for the fjords!”

“Can’t you tie up its beak?”

“Reef-the-parrot knot coming right up, sir!”

The Admiral read some of the Good Book to her fleet and then handed out hardtack and rum (or ginger beer for the junior members of the crew) with a lavish hand, for it was Sunday, and the Captain and crew of the Wild Cat danced a hornpipe for them.

“Ar, ar, Matey!” growled Red Rosalie.  “A spot of rum comin’ up for ye!”

Matey downed the rum like an old salt, thrilled to be out of the San where the Dread Pirate Stephens was terrorising with cod-liver oil anyone who approached.

Emerence, who had not been eaten as such, hobbled along on her own crutch.  (In fact, the school was beginning to run short of crutches, but Tom had made more in Hobbies, and Rosalind Yolland had had some of the girls run up spotted handkerchiefs and waistcoats for the staff.)  Being bitten by the Juniors and then subjected to naval discipline had been good for Emerence, and now she was well on her way to becoming a proper Chalet School pirate.

“Not such a galoot,” as Captain Nancy phrased it.


Chapter 11 - Alarming News by Pie-faced loon


Captain Nancy got a dispatch, read it, and reeled.  She went to talk to the senior officers.

“Admiral!” she said, saluting.

“Cap’n,” Hilda acknowledged.  “What can I do fer ye?”

“Sir, dread news.  The G.A. has been let out of her health spa early for good behaviour and is on her way.”

Hilda reeled.  Black Bill and Red Rosalie reeled.  First Matey put down her rum and reeled.

“Blistering barnacles!” Hilda said.  “Are you sure, man?”

“Sir, dispatches confirm,” said Captain Nancy and handed them over.

“Pieces of eight!”

“Out, damn’d bird!” said Hilda, who at this stage was wobbling between the Curse of the Spanish Main and Lady Macbeth.

Black Bill removed the bird to the San, where the Dread Pirate Stephens grilled and ate it, drizzled with cod-liver oil.

“Stand by to repel boarders!” Hilda commanded.

“What, all my pretty chickens and their…damn,” said First Matey, with a shrug casting off the persona of Macduff.

“No, not the girls, the Great Aunt!” said Hilda, and gave her orders.

Assembly was called and two strategies were debated.

Captain Nancy was for boarding the ferry from the Wild Cat, knives in their teeth, kidnapping the G.A. and marooning her on a desert island.

Most of the school were up for this, and Black Bill’s eye gleamed in anticipation.  (The other one had recovered from the swelling induced by the piece of eight incident, but she was still enjoying the eye patch.)

Mate Susan, on the other hand, was for a more subtle and possibly longer-lasting solution, given that the last time the G.A. had been marooned, she had been rescued almost immediately.

“After all,” she said in her sensible way, “if it doesn’t work, we can try the other thing.”

“Black-hearted Madge Russell is in the country at present,” Elfie Woodward said, also sensibly, having been back on the Island only since half-term, and thus less affected by the piracy in the school.  “Back from the New World.  If she turns up, she might keel-haul the lot of us if we don’t try peaceful negotiation first.”

Hilda growled but agreed.


Chapter 12 - A Cunning Plan by Pie-faced loon


And so, when the G.A. came, the prettier girls and mistresses were strolling around the grounds in white frilly dresses, wearing gloves and hats, and with their parasols pointing out daisies on the lawn to the plainer members of the school, who dug them up.

The pirates lingered in the Staffroom, ready to surge out and capture the Great-Aunt if required.  They had decided to put her in the San, first, to break her spirit since Saneless Stephens was still threatening people with cod-liver oil, and then to maroon her if necessary.  Black Bill and Captain Nancy were in charge of this particular force.

They were, however, under orders not to make the first move unless summoned by the Admiral, now clothed in white frills and looking perfectly normal apart from the glint in those blue-grey eyes which had never yet needed glasses.

Madge Dawson gave the G.A. a piano recital, which pleased her very much.

Then the G.A. was invited to tea and cakes, which also pleased her, and then got a telegram from the spa recalling her, and went.

First Matey returned from the spa, whence she had sent the telegram under cover of pretending to be one of the staff there, and everyone went into a hornpipe over the success of their scheme.  Then they toasted Mate Susan in rum or ginger beer for such a brilliant plan.


Chapter 13 - A Higher Authority by Pie-faced loon


The following day, Black-hearted Madge Russell turned up, took one look at the staff as, with knives in their teeth and headed by Miss Everett, they chased the Seniors around the school, another look at the Middles who had captured the Juniors and were making them walk the plank, a third look at the Curse of the Spanish Main, who had crocheted a parrot and stuck it on her shoulder and was hopping everywhere on one foot and a crutch, and a fourth look at Black Bill, Red Rosalie and First Matey swigging rum from mugs, listened to (and vetoed) the proposal of the prefects to have a Pirate Sale, and put her foot down.

She called her husband across and found that Peggy Burnett had recovered from the ankle sprain and could now teach games, Anna Mieders was fit for Dommy Sci, Hilda Annersley was perfectly well enough to go back to English, and Emerence had recovered from the shark attack.

All crutches (other than that belonging to Cherry Christie) were removed and piled onto the bonfire where the Ship’s Not Such A Baby was being roasted and eaten by the domestic staff.

Everyone was called into Assembly and given a dressing down and told to sharpen up.

The Captain and crew of the Wild Cat were thanked for their assistance and gently urged to continue with their voyage.

“Aye, aye, sir!” said Captain Nancy, who longed for the wind in her hair and a bone in the Wild Cat’s teeth, and was delighted to have these sailing orders from the First Lord of the Admiralty.

The crew packed up, were given a last feast, a barrel of rum (mostly to get it out of the school), and sent off with rousing cheers.

“Avast, me hearties!  On to Eldorado!” said Captain Nancy.

“Aye, aye, sir!” chorused the mates and crew, and they were gone.

The school settled back down to real and normal life.


Chapter 14 - Epilogue by Pie-faced loon


Three days later, Mad Ivy Stephens came down from the San, having run out of supplies of cod-liver oil, and tried to stab Black-hearted Madge Russell with a carrot for commandeering the school and outranking the Curse of the Spanish Main, but they disarmed her and tied her to the mast and gave her hot milky coffee and Welsh cakes until she regained her senses.

By the time the Staff evening took place, the school was mostly back to normal.  The shoes incident in the Hall was pretty much the last act of piracy carried out by the prefects, and that was that.


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