Submission Rules

Submission Rules

Please read these guidelines carefully, but do not panic over them and start inventing issues where none exist. If you need clarification, please Ask the Librarian.

1. All fic must be related to Elinor Brent-Dyer’s Chalet School (or Chaletian Bulletin Board members). Crossovers with other series, films, TV shows etc are perfectly acceptable.

2. Please check your spelling, punctuation and grammar before posting. If you know you’re not good at this, ask someone to check it for you. Please ensure that new paragraphs are signalled with a blank line (ie two carriage returns). Fics or individual chapters with particularly poor s/p/g or formatting may be removed.

3. There are no prescriptive guidelines about what fic should be, but please bear in mind that anything rampantly beastly or utterly unacceptable to modern mores may be removed without warning. Sexually explicit and/or graphically violent fic etc is acceptable as long as it is rated as Mature.

4. The rule of the SDL is caveat lector. Please do not feel obliged to warn for “triggers”. Reading a story is like a little adventure, and you never knows where the next page will take you. That said, please do ensure that your summary/ratings/genre etc reflect the tone of the fic.

5. You must choose one of the fic houses when posting your story. St Agnes is for stories that fit in with EBD’s canon and are written in a similar style and tone. These fics should contain nothing that might not appear in a Chalet School book. Ste Therese is for more mature stories, dealing with issues that EBD would not have touched upon. St Clare is for ridiculous fics, parodies, CBB-related fics etc. St Scholastika is for crossovers and other difficult to define fics. St Mildred is for fics that are only suitable for over-18s or otherwise unsuitable for delicate minds. The SDL administrators reserve the right to change the fic house if it’s felt to be appropriate.

6. When posting, please make sure you make use of the other options for classifying your fic. These include the period of the school’s history in which your fic is set, the location in which your fic is set, the main characters, and the fic genre. All these make it easier for readers to find fic in which they are interested. You can choose more than one option if you fic spans many eras/locations.

7. When choosing characters, please don’t list every single person in your fic! Just choose the main characters that the story is about.

8. For those coming to the SDL from the CBB, who have been used to posting a few paragraphs at a time, please consolidate your writing so that you post a proper “part” or chapter at a time. There are no hard and fast rules about length, but please bear in mind that the reader will have to click to go to the next page after each part, and that would get very wearisome if they were having to do it every few lines!

9. Feedback is always appreciated. Please ensure that all communication on the SDL is polite and considerate. However, please don’t feel you have to apologise for expressing an opinion.


Submissions found to be in violation of these rules may be removed and the author's account suspended at the discretion of the site administrators and/or moderators.  The site administrators reserve the right to modify these rules as needed.