Reviewer: Linda Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 30 Aug 2016 11:39 pm Title: Chapter 14 - Trainee Shepherds

A beautiful service with an unusual take on the relationship between Christ and his mother. Poor Barbara, I'm not surprised she is struggling with flashbacks and I am sure that Nancy's suggestion that she goes over to St Mildred's will really help

Reviewer: Clair Anonymous starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 23 Aug 2016 12:49 pm Title: Chapter 14 - Trainee Shepherds

It's good to see that Tonia is feeling better although still shaken, it will take her time to recover fully but with all the support she has she'll do it.

In all of this the one I feel most for is Nancy, taking on all that has happened schoolwise would be difficult enough with Kathie by her side but with that loss and betrayal on top she must be finding it almost impossible. The closer relationship between Nancy and Hilda is good for both of them and I hope it will help Nancy come through the other side of all this.

I hope that some peace and quiet before going home will help Barbara feel better and that she'll see she's not being weak - the biggest strength is in admitting to needing help and then accepting it.


Thanks Mary 

Reviewer: PaulineS Signed [Report This]
Date: 22 Aug 2016 3:24 pm Title: Chapter 14 - Trainee Shepherds

Love the idea of the girls as Traiee shepherds.  Ian descriptions of Mary are enlightening, I have looked at other gospel Marys and his sermon make me want to look at Mary, Jesus's mother again in more detail.

Reviewer: Blueskye Signed [Report This]
Date: 22 Aug 2016 8:17 am Title: Chapter 14 - Trainee Shepherds

Ian interacts very well with the girls during this service, teasing the answers out of them instead of preaching at them.  I like this take on the Wedding at Cana.  Mary gets the big picture, sees the need, understands the social embarrassment to their hosts and works out the only possible solution!  After years of nurturing, teaching and guiding she knew her son, planted the idea, ignored the tantrum, gave instructions to the servants and waited – perfect!  Definitely an “I can’t, but I know a person who can” moment and played to her strengths.


Hilda is so comfortable in her job here isn’t she? It’s all under control and she’s covering all the bases again with Tonia, Barbara, Nancy and Ian. Thank you, Mary.


Author's Response: Wow, what a wonderful précis of Mary's actions that day, Blueskye! *Ignored the tantrum*!! Brilliant! Will you write Ian's sermons for me in future? You do the same with Hilda - *so comfortable in her job here.*

Reviewer: shesings Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 21 Aug 2016 7:36 pm Title: Chapter 14 - Trainee Shepherds

Ian's sermon was just the right thing, not preaching but engaging in thoughtful conversation. I like the deepening of the friendship between Hilda and Nancy , too, illustrated by Hilda telling her that Ian had once been too fond of her. I don't blame Barbara still being in a state of shock and Hilda's remedy is very wise!

Reviewer: Elder in Ontario Signed [Report This]
Date: 20 Aug 2016 11:23 pm Title: Chapter 14 - Trainee Shepherds

Ian really does hit just the right note with his sermon;  I like the way he doesn't simply stand at the pulpit and talk, but asks questions which invite answers from the girls.  Hilda is clearly very touched by the way he has dealt with the situation, and even more so by his words of praise for Ellie's actions over Meg.   He certainly sends both girls and staff away with a very large helping of food for thought, as well as an individual word for each person as she leaves the church.  I can only hope that Father Edward has dealt so faithfully with the Catholics.  

Of course, if any of us were thinking that now, perhaps, Hilda would take some time to herself and rest, we had another think coming, didn't we?  But equally, she is needed - and she hasn't reached the San yet!  She realises as soon as she sees Barbara that the latter is still very troubled; if it will help her to go home for a while, then her duties will be covered.  Meantime, going to St. Mildred's, away from it all, will surely help - that was an inspired suggestion of Nancy's (at least I assume that was the suggestion she made to Hilda as the two returned from the service?) 


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