Reviewer: Bynoe Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 17 Jan 2022 6:20 am Title: Herr Auge reflects.

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Reviewer: Anthony Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 03 Jan 2022 8:17 am Title: Herr Auge reflects.

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Reviewer: Walker Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 01 Dec 2021 1:26 am Title: Herr Auge reflects.

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Reviewer: Janes Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 19 Nov 2021 7:19 am Title: Herr Auge reflects.

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Reviewer: Tim Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 28 Sep 2021 6:02 am Title: Herr Auge reflects.

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Reviewer: cestina Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 22 May 2014 6:54 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

Oh that's nice - I'm so glad our attention has been drawn to it :-)

Reviewer: Dizzy Miss Lizzie Signed [Report This]
Date: 25 Mar 2012 7:16 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

This was such fun - loved Kathie and the car! Not to mention the choice of name!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: cestina Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 10:18 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

Oh how nice Beecharmer.   A delightful little conceit ......I thoroughly enjoyed it

Author's Response: Thank you. I am quite amazed at how people have responded to it ! I nearly didn't post !

Reviewer: Seven Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 10:02 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

Brilliant!  And now we know why Margot was such a problem!.  Love that Nell just accepts her need for glasses but Hilda doesn't and Kathie and Nancy are just priceless!

Author's Response: Thank you :-D I see this quite often - children or adults with that type of eyes, so often just "Don't like reading", but no wonder, they are working twice as head as others, at an age where things like that are first learned. :-D

Reviewer: Amira Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 9:34 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

I love this - a beautifully written and insightful vignette. They say that you should write what you know, and your expertise makes this really vivid and interesting. I love Hilda refusing to wear glasses and Rosalie hoping they will help but in reality her problems are caused by overwork and poor posture - that's so true to life.

Author's Response: Thank you - it's so true, I see people who just desperately want me to give them glasses "For the computer" or are sure the computer has ruined their eyes, but you can see how hunched their shoulders are and how tense their neck is - but they just won't have it !

Reviewer: Chubby Monkey Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 6:21 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

Aww, it was really nice to see the school through someone else's eyes! And I giggled at the clock!



Author's Response: Thank you, glad it made you giggle :-D

Reviewer: Vick Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 5:10 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

I like the differences you show between all the different people and their differing needs an reasons. Love Miss Wilson not caring about needing glasses & just getting on with it whilst Miss Annersley was still resistant to the idea. Also had to chuckle at the clock he got for saving everyone from being mown down by Kathie when she was driving. 

Thanks Kathryn :-D

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I could just see them reacting that way :-D

Reviewer: shesings Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 3:18 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

What a fascinating drabble! I do like it when the expertise of MLers shines a different light on events and attitudes. Thanks, Beecharmer!

Author's Response: Thank you - but what is a MLer? I immediately thought of Mary Lou ! Modern Lifer's ? Medical Loser's ? No clue ! Thank you for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: thefrau46 Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 2:11 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

A lovely story. As a very short-sighted person I love Herr Auge's thoughts (and his name too!).


Author's Response: Thank you :-D I'm glad you liked it, and that his name made you smile too. :-)

Reviewer: ivohenry Signed [Report This]
Date: 24 Mar 2012 1:40 pm Title: Herr Auge reflects.

Some interesting ideas! It all sounds very plausible, love the idea of Kathy getting driving glasses and the townsfolk's reaction!

Author's Response: Thank you :-D I'm surprised how many people liked this ! I see so many people who think their driving vision is excellent, poor Kathy got the short straw !

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