Reviewer: Minim Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Apr 2012 6:51 pm Title: Chapter 11 - A PAIR OF STAR-CROSS'D LOVERS TAKE...a walk...

I am liking the drabble, but my petanticism is screaming at me to say that Juliet was fifteen when she started at the Chalet School.

Oh, and, oh no, Juliet, I think you're in trouble. Careful there, girl! *hopes that it's a married doctor with no wish to cheat on his wife and they're talking about medical things/Joey/life*

Just because Donal sees a couple doesn't mean they are a couple, right?

Author's Response:

Absolutely true: Juliet was fifteen and a half when she started, but unfortunately, due to her incredibly terrible memory, and the fact that she was very flustered at the time, meant that she lost her wits! :-D

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