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Date: 07 Aug 2011 4:27 pm Title: Chapter 7 - Another Gift from Hilda

This is such a beautiful bit of writing. It shows me clearly how easily I can forget how unwell Hilda actually is right now, and the very depths of her pain. Here she is, in a bed, planning exactly what she wants to do for someone else, who is hurting just as much.

Hilda almost literally bulldozes them all, SI, MA, and Sister Patricia into doing what she wants. Oh, she uses persuasion and urgency to get her points across, and make them admit that there is no other way, but...

And as they do battle with her they either forget how unwell she is, because she doesn't let it stop her, or avoid arguing with her so as to make life as easy for her as possible. She sees what problems there genuinely are in the situation and finds a way round them.

She's so focussed on making Christmas, and the rest of the girls life, beautiful for Ellie, and in turn this makes the current time a beautiful picture of love for the others in the room, as they are pulled in to join in making the picture of beauty in all kinds of different ways.

Thank you Mary

Reviewer: Elder in Ontario Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Aug 2011 9:35 pm Title: Chapter 7 - Another Gift from Hilda

I must admit that I'd forgotten until I re-read this that Hilda paid for Ellie to go to the school!  I really don't blame her at all for insisting that Ellie not know this.  Even though at some level both MA and Sister Patricia felt Ellie should know the truth, Hilda was right - and the trust fund she will set up for the girl will satisfy everyone's feelings.

Despite her exhaustion, and despite Sister Pauline's remonstrances, Hilda was also right to insist that she discuss the plan with MA and Sister Patricia immediately - it will be a wonderful Christmas gift for Ellie.  And MA's clear demonstration of her love, that of a mother for her child, must surely have heartened Hilda herself.

Thank you, Mary  

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